Thursday, 20 August 2015


It is a well-known fact that owing to the affordability and easy accessibility to the internet, many children and young adults spend more time online. Owing to this development, parents have been looking for the possible ways of protecting their wards from cyber bullying and also restricting them from sites they shouldn’t access without success.

Yes, Primedia Unlimited’s XP Digital subsidiary, which has the sole advertising rights to 42″ and 65″ high definition screens in Clicks and Dis-Chem stores, offers the perfect communication platform. XP Digital’s screens are located at the retailer’s dispensary points, an optimal focus area to share information with customers while they’re waiting to have their scripts filled.

Kaspersky, an advertiser and anti-virus software supplier, wanted to communicate the availability of its protection software for cell phones to parents, and chose to partner with XP Digital for another three month period.

The Managing Director of XP Digital, JD Henderson, said: “Our strategically placed screens, combined with high dwell areas and a captivated audience, make an ideal environment to communicate Kaspersky’s ‘Protect Your Child’ campaign and the benefits of having proper protection software in place at home.”

According to him, the product also offers parents peace of mind by restricting data and social media usage; it protects a child’s identity; puts foul language barriers in place and has the ability to place time restrictions on certain online activities.

He added: “The displayed ad succinctly communicates the product’s benefits and directs consumers to their nearest Incredible Connection to purchase the product. Many of our represented Dis-Chem and Clicks stores are already situated in the mall space, making the path to purchase a fairly convenient one. So far, we’ve had a very positive response from the campaign, both from our client and from consumers. Kaspersky has confirmed that they are advertising in the right market to the right audience and are very happy with the current progression of the campaign. In fact, plans are already underway for a follow up campaign.”