Friday, 7 August 2015


Wow!!! This is good news. Nigerians who desire to own their personal homes through the mortgage system but find it very difficult now have reason to rejoice. Why did Tectono Business Review make this assertion? It is because Lamudi Nigeria, an online property platform, has partnered with a mortgage bank, Imperial Homes Mortgage Bank Limited, in order to deepen access to affordable mortgage facilities.

This is how the partnership works. Through Lamudi’s online mortgage calculator, property buyers can search for properties on the firm’s website and also estimate their potential mortgage repayments and apply for a loan for their property of choice. The user-friendly mortgage calculator is integrated with every property available for sale on Lamudi. As a result, a buyer can choose his initial deposit and the tenor of the loan, input these details and receive his estimated mortgage repayment calculated based on the interest rate offered by Imperial Homes. A buyer can also automatically apply for a mortgage from Imperial Homes through the same application.

The Managing Director of Lamudi Nigeria, Mr. Obi Ejimofo, said: “This is a very big deal for us as a platform. From the start, our core objectives have been to make it easier for our people to secure their next home. We chose to partner with Imperial Homes specifically because they share the same ideals and have developed mortgage and savings products designed to assist the broader populace in getting a firm foot on the property ladder. As of today, when you visit Lamudi, you can not only find your dream home, you can now secure the finances to buy it too.”

Mr. Ejimofo also described the partnership as the first of its kind in the real estate industry and assured that it would help all customers of Lamudi in securing the properties of their dreams.

Similarly, the Managing Director of Imperial Homes Mortgage Bank, Mr. Ben Akaneme said that the mission of his company was to make mortgages and home ownership inexpensive and within the reach of all Nigerians. According to him, the collaboration was a major step in actualising the mission.