Tuesday, 20 October 2015


Comrade Jerry Obasi
The Deputy National Secretary of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Comrade Jerry Obasi, has said that President Muhammadu Buhari has shown undue disregard for Igbo of the Southeast by sidetracking bonafide All Progressive Congress (APC) leaders in the zone while nominating candidates for ministerial appointments.

Comrade Obasi, who spoke to journalists against the background of the noise over the piecemeal screening of the nominees, regretted that instead of recognising APC faithful that worked hard for the party so as to give a sense of belonging to them in the ruling party, the president saw the Southeast as no man’s land, where his acolytes could impose candidates.

He added that the present political realities in the country are enough to compel Nd’Igbo to retrace their political steps from platforms where they are treated as outsiders, including APC and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), pointing out that the enterprising spirit and republican political ideology of Igbo find fitting abode in APGA.

He said: “At first, against all hopes, President Buhari left out the name of Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu in the appointment of his close aides. Then when it was time to appoint ministers, the president found out that if he leaves out Dr. Onu and Senator Chris Ngige, the apathy towards Igbo would be clearly pronounced. But in the second batch of his nomination, he allowed his kitchen cabinet to favour who they please.”

While insisting that the nomination of ministers for Enugu and Abia States suggests that Buhari did not reckon with the APC members in those states, Obasi reminded the president that there is no way he could discount Igbo votes in certain states like Kano, adding that the clear interpretation is that Nd’Igbo are not welcome in APC.

The APGA Deputy National Secretary noted that part of the plot to downgrade PDP was to ensure that the platform does not remain strong for an Igbo presidential candidate to contest the presidency, adding that the political temperament of Nd’Igbo shows that they are self-serving and indifferent of collective Igbo interest.

While stressing that he has nothing against APGA members serving in PDP government in Ebonyi, Comrade Obasi maintained that APGA lives in the heart of every Igbo man “not minding the fact that, sometimes, we forget our identity as Igbo people, which has also formed part of our problem today.”

On why he did not defect with Senator Anthony Agbo, with whom he contested the Ebonyi governorship, he noted that “Senator Agbo is not my mentor; we only met in the course of his political ambition in APGA and from the time he joined APGA and before he left, it’s quite a short period.”

Comrade Obasi, who was also Ebonyi State chairman of APGA, condemned the attempt by certain political jobbers to use the election petition tribunals to deny APGA its hard won electoral victories in Abia State, not, according to him, the bombing of INEC office at Obingwa and subsequent delays, applications and counter-applications, appeals and counter-appeals are antics to deny justice.

He said: “At every election, it is clear that Nd’Igbo have always made APGA their choice. Otherwise, an opposition party that won 12 state Assembly seats and one House of Reps seat in Abia are very much on ground. So, we have taken Abia. It is also obvious that we are the government in Imo until now. Rochas is only holding brief for APGA. I appreciate the fact that we are in control of the Government House in Anambra, but there’s more APGA ‘fanaticism’ and followership in Abia and Imo than in Anambra.” (guardian)