Tuesday, 3 November 2015


Hakeem Olajuwon
Yes, Nigeria born retired Houston Rockets player, Hakeem Olajuwon, is gradually taking Houston, Texas real estate circle by storm.

Tectono Business Review gathered that Hakeem is now one of the celebrated estate gurus in his adopted home town of Houston, Texas. He employed an orthodox, yet disciplined strategy, and has managed to make impact in real estates in the last 15 years. The strategy is that he buys high and sells higher.

Yes, Hakeem’s real estate moves caused market watchers in Houston to shake heads because they felt he overpaid. But they were all wrong. He somehow managed to sell higher every time. He buys expensive land that is already fully developed. Such land as everybody in the business knows, is usually excruciatingly slow to appreciate and even as risk of depreciation.

But he has managed to at least double his money in country appraisal listings. Profits from his 25 total transactions have easily exceeded $100 million. His timing has been amazing.