Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Investigations have revealed that Technology entrepreneurs, otherwise known as Techpreneurs, and most technology startups have remained concentrated in Lagos owing to deficiency of basic physical and organizational structures and facilities needed for the operation of their enterprises outside the Lagos.

Another reason is that Lagos city and the entrepreneurial spirit it represents have become an enduring part of Lagos lore. For instance, on a weekly basis, technologies startups with innovative products and services are launched, but are constrained to remain in the city no thanks to unavailability of bandwidth, frequent electric power cuts, bad roads, unsavory tax systems, are among few factors in most parts of the country.

The Managing Director of Lamudi Nigeria, Mr. Ejomofo Obi, in a chat with journalists, stated that most techpreneurs would wish to expand their tentacles beyond Lagos but issues around infrastructural development had to be addressed.

In his own words: “Techpreneurs are not mainly concerned with government funding, rather they prefer a situation where the infrastructure is in place to help drive growth.
Most startups prefer to remain in Lagos, because this is where majority of the network operators are. This is where you have relatively good road network to deliver items, if you are into e-commerce. Now, as a technology company you need to track your business, which calls for bandwidth.”