Tuesday, 9 February 2016


We read with consternation, a libelous story posted on an online news medium, www.nigeriannewsdirect.com, entitled: ‘EFCC traces 37 million dollars to PTDF’ wherein fictitious claims were made to the effect that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has traced 37 million dollars purportedly released by former President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, for the alleged rigging of Ekiti State election to the account of PTDF.

This downright false, fabricated and malicious report published by one Dr. Samuel Ibiyemi, the Editor-in-Chief of the News Direct Newspaper, was intended to blackmail the Fund and more particularly the Executive Secretary into succumbing to the pecuniary demands of the author.

It is important to know that the culprit has for many months inundated PTDF with requests for placements of needless adverts, supplements and advertorials in his obscure print and online news media.

The willful attack on the corporate image of PTDF is obviously Dr. Ibiyemi’s revenge for the failure of PTDF management to patronize him and his company.

Undoubtedly, the motive for this malicious publication is to tarnish the hard-worn good reputation of PTDF as well as subjecting government’s anti-corruption drive to ridicule. This trend if allowed to continue has far reaching security implications and portends danger to the polity.

While the security agencies have been briefed on the matter, we are not foreclosing the option of seeking legal redress in the law court.

The Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of News Direct and indeed other media that may have reproduced the publication are hereby put on notice that within 7 days from this publication, they do not cause a retraction of the offensive publication to be made and given wide publicity in 3 national dailies as well as on their online news media platform, the Fund will have no choice but to commence legal action against them.