Monday, 1 August 2016


Folks, if you have been buying computer and phone accessories from Slot Systems Limited at prices virtually double what they are being sold in the market just because you think that they sell only high quality products, you are deluded. You need to have a rethink. It has been proven that the ICT firm sells phony accessories. Why did we, at Tectono Business Review, make this assertion? Just read on to know why.

An undergraduate of the Lagos State University posted on how he bought and expensive phone charger from Slot that got spoilt after just using it for the very first time. According to him, he returned the charger to the office but it became an issue before the company could refund him his money. You see, the undergraduate was deceived by the popularity of the company’s brand.

We, at Tectono Business Review, have gotten our fingers burnt while doing business with Slot Systems Limited. We started patronizing the company in the year 2012 based on recommendation of one of our numerous clients. Slot has been installing antivirus, fixing our laptops with issues and phones, selling accessories like laptop and phone batteries and chargers to us. Even though there services are good at times, we discovered that each time we buy accessories from them, it will get damaged within some months and they will always attribute it to power upsurge. Since the year 2012, we have bought eight laptop chargers from them. The last one we bought early this year is already faulty. All the laptop batteries we bought from them died after two months of usage. There is no way overcharging can kill a laptop battery just after two months of usage? The company sells fake battery.

Moreover, the company has damaged the hard drives, motherboards and some other vital parts of some of our laptops while fixing them. We wonder why that Slot Systems Limited, that has the reputation of employing the best technicians, damage our laptops.

People of our land, we later discovered why the company renders poor technical services and sells fictitious accessories. One of our correspondents was in the computer village branch of the company one fateful day to by a laptop charger. While he was chatting with one of the company’s technicians, another customer came looking for a charger of acer laptop. The technicians told his to pay the sum of N5,000 for it and later said that the charger was not in their office at that moment and that he would send one of his colleagues to rush to the warehouse to get it. When our correspondent finished his transaction with the company, he left to see a friend inside the computer village market. On is way, he saw the technician that was sent to get the charger from the warehouse pricing the charger in a small shop in the market. He eventually bought it. Out of curiosity, our correspondent went back to the Slot office and discovered that it was the same charger that was bought from the small shop that was given to the customer. Tufia!!!

You will be shocked to discover that the charger costs N1,500 in the market but it was sold to a customer at the rate of N5,000 in Slot. In order to maximize profits, they usually buy cheap and fake accessories from the open market and sell to their customers at exorbitant prices. Folks, is this fair? Severally, they sold to us inferior HP batteries that cost just N3,500 in the market at the rate of N7,000. This is a rip-off.

We interviewed some technicians and sellers of laptops and phone accessories in computer village, Ikeja on the operations of Slot Systems Limited and got the shock of our lives. According to them, Slot collects damaged phones and laptops for repair from customers, tells them to come back after a week, takes the damaged laptops and phones to the incompetent technicians in the market that will charge small amount of money for repair, gives repaired laptops and phones back to the owners and charge huge amount of money. That’s how they damaged our laptops after collecting huge amount of money from us.

There is an urgent need for the management of Slot Systems Limited to change their style of operation. It is either they return to quality products and services that they are formally known for or be compelled to go out of business. Many of their customers have discovered their tricks and left them. They also have to pay us for spoiling our laptops and selling to us fake accessories.