Monday, 19 September 2016


To ensure the NCC regulations on sim registration is fully complied with, Etisalat implements a process for sim registration which includes collection of subscriber information and biometric data. Every new subscriber to the network is required to undergo this process which is carried out in Etisalat experience centres or through authorized dealers and agents.

It has, however, come to our attention that some individuals are illegally selling pre-registered sim cards in some parts of the country. We would like to inform the general public that these individuals are not agents of Etisalat Nigeria; these individuals have purchased and registered sim cards often with false information and subsequently offer same to the public. The sale and purchase of pre-registered sim cards is illegal and members of the public are strongly advised not to purchase pre-registered sim cards from anyone.

Upon the purchase of their sim cards, our customers are advised immediately to ensure that their registration details are duly captured at the time of purchase. Subscribers should not accept sim cards that have been opened and broken from their cases. We solicit the cooperation of the general public to immediately report any activities pertaining to the sale of pre-registered sim cards to the nearest Etisalat experience centre or the law enforcement agents.

Etisalat is committed to supporting the NCC and relevant authorities to guard against the sale of pre-registered sim cards as this has been state to constitute security threat. Any erring agent or individual will be immediately handed over to the relevant security agency for appropriate action.

The general public, our dealers and agents are hereby duly informed.