Tuesday, 27 September 2016


This is a testimony of an Osun State based Medical Doctor who got himself entangled with that fraudster that parades himself as a GMD in May, 2016.

“I am a client to that fraudster who claims to be the GMD of that fraudulent company on Allen Avenue, Ikeja. He lives in Ojota. This con artist collected a total of 1.6 million naira from my family for USA visa and gave fake stamp on the passports which resulted in our being turned back twice at the us embassy in Abuja. He later came up with South Africa and also suggested United Arab Emirate for which we paid for three months visa not knowing that he did only one month visa. Consequently, we were turned back four times at the airport.

“It was so embarrassing that he was imprisoned in airport station. I’ve got details, even everything about his profile are fake. I am a medical doctor in Osun State. I had to sell my two cars in his presence just to pay him. The last time medical doctors were paid salary in Osun State was in July, 2015.

“That kingpin of fraud said he helped me and my family when we were desperate to leave the country. We shall see. Do you know that another person arrived Dubai today (i.e March, 2016) that he did same thing to? He collected money for residential visa but he actually did a one month visa for him and he denied been a fraudster! I told you that he would smell pepper. I have evidences well archived.

“We were actually turned back at both the U.S Embassy twice and at the International Airport three times before my brother got him arrested. I have evidences that can ruin him in a jiffy. You know, he has sweet mouth. Now, he is yet to send the money for our extensions. I will teach him to be honest!

“Except he does d needful, his career is at stake. Do you know what it means for a man who has not been paid salary for almost a year to sell his properties and one unscrupulous thing somewhere thinking he is smart defrauds him? We will bear down vehemently on him. That is why I do not communicate with him again. I’m just waiting.

“He said he was helping us, after collecting almost two million naira. Someone that cannot make a simple statement in English correctly! I read all the balderdash he posted, trying to explain. Must a man live a fake life to succeed? He is such a fantastic, born-liar. I am really pained because of what this man made me and my family to go through. My kids have been out of school for four months. He lied to people that he lodged us in a hotel for two weeks. He makes use of every opportunity to lie.

“We will fight with everything within our reach. I know his house and office building. Our one month remains one week instead of nine weeks. You can just imagine after almost two million paid to him. After the stress, losses and risks since July last year that my last salary was paid, my family is just spending one month in Dubai.” ~ Dr. Ojomo Adebola Olufunso.

Folks, the write-up above was sent to Tectono Business Review in May, 2016 by Dr. Ojomo Adebola Olufunso, an Osun State based Medical Doctor who got tired of practicing in Nigeria for being owed excess of ten months’ salary and decided to travel abroad with his family members to practice. He sold off his two cars to raise money but was defrauded by a hard-hearted fraudster. It is quite unfortunate that con artists live freely in our midst. EFCC has to do something urgently to stop the rising cases of fraud in Nigeria. What about the body that gives licenses to travel agents to operate? Do they really do proper check on the people they are giving licenses? May God save Nigeria and Nigerians.