Thursday, 6 October 2016


If you are someone that has always craved for watching business and financial news with in-depth analysis of the stock market and other business programmes, you have a reason to rejoice. This is because CNBC Africa, the largest and fastest growing financial and business news channel in Africa, has launched on the StarTimes digital television network in Nigeria. This took place on the 1st of October, 2016.

Head of Public Relations at StarTimes Nigeria, Israel Bolaji, noted that, “As a business, this addition means an exciting scale-up on our life enriching news channel options for esteemed subscribers and reinforces StarTimes’ stature as the fastest growing Pay TV network operator in Africa.”

On Saturday, October 1, 2016, Channel 309 officially became the 24-hour home of CNBC Africa, which caters to StarTimes’ Basic, Classic and Unique Bouquet subscribers across Nigeria.

StarTimes Marketing Director, Oludare Kafar, said, “The new channel has granted subscribers smooth access to various news and programs which provide insightful business information, analysis and intelligence from seasoned anchors and experts both on the African and international financial markets.”

CNBC Africa offers a variety of shows ranging from business and finance-focused shows such as Opening Bell and Closing Bell that takes the viewers on a journey through Africa as the markets open and close every weekday. Other shows such as Hot Stocks speak to different levels of interested and invested individuals as the show provides them with an in-depth look at the latest news on market stocks, and which stocks they deem to be the best to invest in.

CNBC Africa also has a lifestyle concentrated element with shows like My Worst Day where successful entrepreneurs share their worst experiences with the viewers, witnessing the entrepreneurs in a more human-like form.

Executive Director for ABN Group, Sid Wahi, stated that “CNBC Africa has had the best Pan African business content for well over 9 years now. Getting onto additional terrestrial platforms like StarTimes paves the way for us to reach new audiences in new markets.” (CNBC Africa)