Tuesday, 1 November 2016


You are welcome to today’s edition of Marriage Management Matters on Tectono Business Review. We are happy with all the people, individuals and groups that have been following our work on this website in ensuring happy marriage and enjoyment of union by husbands and wives as planned by the maker of marriage.

It is our privilege that our aim in this project is to strengthen, support and solve all marital issues irrespective of race, colour, age, etc in simple and applicable pastoral way. The maker of this marriage institution has given us the institution’s dos and don’ts to follow in ensuring a complete satisfaction, glory, honour and adoration to our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Today, a careful illustration is required to emphasize on the theme of this piece “Husband, love your wife; wife, respect your husband.” The word ‘Love’ appeared more than eight times in the bible, especially in the New Testament. Come to think of it in the following order. 1Jn48:8 says: “Whoever does not love does not know God for God is love.” Jn1:1 says: “Before the world was created, the word already existed, he was with God and he was the same God.”

Please, carefully follow us in this analogy. If God is love and the word from the beginning is the same as God; therefore, we can easily interpret that if a husband should love his wife, he can be understood as being God of his wife. Then, as the God of his wife, what word does he use on his wife on a daily basis, occasionally and on special periods.

The love we are expecting in the man will follow the words that the maker of this union is prepared to use in ensuring peace, joy, happiness and unity that will bear good fruit. It simply implies that husband as God or master of his wife just as Jesus Christ is the master of the church and gives his words that the church follows. So, if you are the husband or man of the family, kindly examine the words you use in interacting with your wife, children and other family members.

In the first book of the bible, we were told that God made man in his own image and likeness and that He found out that he could not stay alone; so, He created a woman as companion and helper.  The bible encourages woman to respect their husbands. It means to care, consider and comfort them in issues of life; but the opposite is what we find in most marriages. Today, we are reminded that these women are to care for their husbands in sickness, in sadness and in happiness.

So, husbands and wives, continue to love and respect each other. Till we come again next week.

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