Tuesday, 29 November 2016


Who are the owners of the property firm that put up this belittling advert along Harvey Road, Yaba, close to a very malodorous gutter? The advert is on a banner tied to a small tree and electric pole. Why should this attitude continue in this contemporary age? Many corporate bodies are regularly improving their services in conformity with the contemporary realities whereas others are still very backward.

What stops the owners of that property firm from advertising in one of the most read newspapers for a wider coverage? What about advertising in one of the most sought after online business news and articles publishers, like Tectono Business Review, that have the elites as followers and daily readers? Most of the people viewing this advert are people who do not have private vehicles and cannot afford public transport. The advert is about a house for sale in Yaba and the target audience is the comfortable people who use private vehicles. How can a well-to-do manager in an organization driving through that road stop just to take a look at that condescending advert even if he urgently needs a house to buy in Yaba? People who are looking for houses to buy know where to find them!