Thursday, 1 December 2016


Neema Emmanuely, The Tectono Lady of the Week
The management of the most sought after business consultants, researchers and publishers, Tectono Business Review, is excited to meet the latest Tectono Lady of the Week, Neema Emmanuely, from Tanzania. She is a perfect combination of exceeding beauty and exceptional brilliance. She is a student of the University of Dar es Slaam, Tanzania. In this interview, she speaks on her future foray into the business world. Sit back and enjoy it.

The crew of Tectono Business Review is excited to meet a very intelligent and beautiful lady like you.
Thank you so much. I am also happy to meet you guys

Readers of Tectono Business Review all over the world would like to know who you are. So, tell us about yourself.
Ok, my name is Neema Emmanuely from Tanzania. I am an undergraduate of the University of Dar es Slaam. I am being trained to be a communication and technology expert.

Wow!!! That's great. We are pleased to announce to you that after the rigorous competition, you have been chosen as the Tectono Lady of the Week. How do you feel?
Wow! Really? I am humble. I am the most excited person now.

Could you tell us how old you are?
I am 24 years old.

That's very interesting. Apart from your studies in the university, is there any work you are doing to earn a living?
Of course, yes. I run a business.

Could you tell us about the business?
I have my own shops here in Tanzania where I sell tradition clothes

That's very interesting. How is it like combining both schooling and running a business? Is it not too stressful for you?
Actually, it is very stressful but I am not alone.  I get assistance from members of my family.

That's very good. What are your plans after graduation from the university? Will you continue with the business or work for the government or other people?
After my graduation, I will combine working and running my business and when the business grows to the height I want, I will resign and dedicate my attention to it.

Okay, that’s a very good idea. Which industry are you interested in working? Is it in banking, telecommunication, oil and gas etc?
I prefer banking

Good. Do you have any reason for choosing banking?
Yes, I prefer banking owing to the fact that it is a good background for an upcoming entrepreneur like me. Many business people that started off as bankers made it easily because as a banker, you will always be inundated with business proposals from customers seeking loans. By the time you read and analyze business proposals from thousands of customers, there is no way you will not be a business wizard.

Wow!!! We are really impressed. Tectono Business Review will keep following you up in your foray into business. Neema, are you married or in a relationship?
I am not yet married, but I am in a relationship.

Good. Can you let the world know who the lucky guy is?
Please, I will not like to make it public for now.

Okay, it is understandable. Readers of Tectono Business Review would like to know the qualities of your ideal husband.
Okay, the man I will settle down with must be God-fearing, humble, intelligent, fun to be with, handsome and hardworking.

Neema, can you give out your phone number to readers of this interview who are interested in contacting you?
I will. It is: +255753254227. Please, fans out there, do not call me at odd hours.

Tell us your hobbies.
I listen to good music when I am less busy. I also read business and motivational books.

Neema, say something to your fans all over the world who are reading this interview.

To my fans out there, I must confess that I love you all. Keep on working hard and believing God for your breakthrough. It is only God that gives the power to make wealth.

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