Saturday, 17 December 2016


This is the line we, at Tectono Business Review, use for our internet subscription: 08106480472. We find it very difficult to understand why MTN’s 10GB data cannot last for 30 days just for website update. In order to save the data, we neither downloaded nor uploaded. So, why can’t we enjoy our data for at least 30 days? It is either that MTN Nigeria Communication Limited is fraudulent or that the customer care staffs are common thieves.

The case of data theft has happened to us several times. Let us give you two latest instances. On the 25th of October, 2016, we subscribed for 10GB data at Ozone Cinema, Sabo, Yaba branch of MTN. A lady called Kefe attended to us. On the 19th of November 2016, it was exhausted just for updating website. It was very baffling. The same day (19th of November, 2016), we went back to the Ozone Cinema branch for another 10GB data. A staff called Kingsley attended to us. On the 16th of December it got exhausted again. Why?

This broad day robbery is becoming too much. We are not sweating to make money only to keep throwing them into waste-bin in the name of patronizing MTN. We are aware that we are not consuming up to 5GB in a month. So, why are you people robbing us? We have the receipts of all our transactions.

MTN Nigeria Communication Limited, it is obvious that you have been stealing our data. You should have found out who we are and what we do before stealing from us. We are very smart and highly informed. We do not belong to the category of people that always keep quite. So, we are giving you till 20th of December, 2016 to return all the data you have stolen from us, or else we will start doing what is in our mind against you. Remember that we are popular online publishers. We cannot keep being subjected to this kind of ill-treatment.

Ugwokeh Nnaemeka
For: Tectono Business Review