Tuesday, 14 February 2017


uba capital limited
Enhances the financial security of women
Encourages women to imbibe a progressive saving culture
Provides an avenue for women to be financially independence
Creates a sustainable foundation for women’s financial empowerment and development

A maximum of 80% of the Fund’s asset will be invested primarily in Naira denominated fixed income and high yielding instruments. 20% will be invested in carefully selected quoted stocks from the Nigerian Stocks Exchange. The Fund offers an opportunity to achieve good returns (while minimizing risks) from a diversified portfolio of investments which may not otherwise be available in significant quantities to individual investors.

Enjoy easy entry and easy exit (open ended)
Enjoy redemption by Fund Managers within 5 business days
Dividends paid in tax exempt
Enjoy professional expertise from our Fund Managers and so much more

Contact us to get started today by completing the online form, email us at: mutualfunds@unitedcapitalgroup.com or speak to a member of our team on 012807540, 012807394, 012807437

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