Thursday, 21 September 2017


You have probably heard a lot about Paper Shredders. They are great for getting rid of excess waste paper in the shortest time possible as well as for destroying documents in an emergency situation.

We bring to your attention the latest models of shredders that have been recognized as the best in 2017 and we will take a closer look at their main characteristics. Buy all kinds of stationery from verified manufacturers cheaper – visit: 

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HSM 411.2-1.9X15
This is an interesting device that has a really competitive price. This is important in the era of global saving. There are several decent options here that will allow you to quickly destroy waste paper. Bear in mind that you can load up to 28 sheets into this shredder at once.

This device can be used to destroy documents of a high degree of confidentiality. It cuts the paper not only along, but also across, which is important. The device can easily cope with discs, cardboard and staples.

It should be noted that this device features a spacious basket designed for 38 sheets while its overall dimensions are not so large. The forced cooling system allows you to use the device almost around the clock.

If you need to destroy documents of higher level of secrecy, you can opt for this device. It is inexpensive, and works fine with any waste paper. It produces pieces of paper measuring 1 * 0.8 mm making about 80 thousand pieces of paper out of the standard size A4 sheet.

This way it’s hardly possible to restore the destroyed document. It will be perfect for an office with about 15 employees.

This inexpensive device can be used by smaller companies. REXEL ALPHA S has the 2nd level of secrecy producing strips that are approximately 7.25 mm long. It should be noted that even on such a device there is protection against paper crumpling and overheating.

So, HSM 411.2-1.9X15 will make a great economy, Kobra +2 CC2 will give a highest level of confidentiality, Gladwork 0.8 1 TS presents even bigger level of secrecy at competitive price, and Rexel Alpha S has a perfect level of protection against paper crumpling and overheating.