Monday, 9 October 2017


Obaze Oseloka
A Lawyer from Nteje in Oyi Local Government Area, Barrister Peter Amasiani, is threatening to go to a court to prove that the candidate of PDP in the forthcoming election is mentally unstable. He also will challenge the imposition of a mentally challenged person in the name of Mr. Oseloka Obaze as a candidate for the governorship election.

Oseloka Obaze, the flag bearer of the People Democratic Party does not have control of his actions and thoughts and cannot be held responsible for any action he takes because he is a confirm mentally sick patient. Some years back, Oseloka was hospitalised in a Rehab Center in New England region specifically, Massachusetts General Hospital. His case was very bad until daily intake of anti-psychotic and mood stabilizing medications keeps him going. This singular health challenge is a serious impediment to service delivery if he emerges victorious at the polls?

His doctor at Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Jonathan A. Edward, confirmed that Oseloka Obaze has no capacity to lead because of his moody nature whch occasionally shows spacks of irrational behavious as was witnessed during the Channels Television appearance two weeks ago. Dr. Jonathan A. Edward traced Obaze's mental case to his days in the United Nations where he worked as a Desk Secretary and averred it as the reason for his premature exit from the organisation. He maintained that Obaze because of his condition has been his patient at the Massachusetts General Hospital, one of the most revered treatment centers for mental health in the world.

Although the intensity of his affliction is been managed over the years with anti-psychotic drugs and mood stabiisers, Obaze most times slips into moody and uncoordinated condition and that was responsible for his poor outing during an interview session with many national TV stations based in Lagos, Abuja and Awka. This confirmed his soliloquy attitude on many occasions.

Oseloka Obaze is known to be very temperamental and can swing in moods. In fact, this came to the fore when some key stakeholders of the party were analysing Obaze's performance during the interview with Channels Television. They are worried how he would be able to handle pressure during real governance. He seems to slip into dangerous sycophantic moods most times he is under intense pressure. His chief campaigner, Martin Uzodike is not happy with the development and we hear this is pinning him against the media team. It was on account of this that he (Uzodike) has vowed that his decisions must over ride that of any other committee in the campaign group. He says he does not want this condition to put spanner in their works.

The alleged mental situation is also causing disaffection amongst some party loyalists, who are wondering why the party leaders would impose Oseloka Obaze on them in the midst of many other candidates who could represent the party and are known to be without blemish as grievous as mental illness. One of them just dismissed it as an 'act of callousness and greed' on the part of the godfather who came from other parties to hijack their party'.

A respondent to our online quiz on whether those seeking offices in the country should be certified fit in terms of health got a resounding majority insisting that mental fitness should be paramount in the game. According to one of them, who identified himself as Kenneth Onwuka, such certificates of fitness need to come even before the tax certificates.

“It is more important and deserves to be taken seriously more than tax certificates even. Is that not why so many of us have been wondering why someone would loot so much money that he would not exhaust in three life times, if he was not mentally unfit. I can tell you this is the reason for the problems in the country. Kleptomania is as a result of mental illness," he added.