Monday, 13 November 2017


Hmmm!!! It was a night where perhaps, apart from Osita Chidoka, the gubernatorial candidate of UPP, all the other candidates showed their hypocritical nature by identifying with IPOB just to win voters support. It was a night where IPOB was treated not as a terrorist group, but as a people agitating for their right. Wow!!! It was a night where all the candidates faulted the Buhari led federal government for mishandling the IPOB issue, including, yes of course, Tony Nwoye, the APC candidate.

Folks, it was a  night, that if not for the smartness of the moderator, unimaginative hypocrisy could have taken over as Ezeemo- PAA, Obaze-PDP, Obiano-APGA, Nwoye- APC were falling over each other to identify with IPOB, Osita-UPP stole the show. On technicality, give it to Obaze of PDP who took the lightening out of Obiano's thunder. He has a sound mind, capable and looks like someone that will hit the ground running.

On being grounded and being in tune with reality, give it to Osita Chidoka. He represents everything that Anambra needs today in every aspect of governance. He makes Obiano looks outdated. Though statistical, Obaze was more factual, but, that's basically because of the fact that he has been part of Peter Obi and Willie Obiano’s government. If Anambra needs a fresh start, Chidoka is it.

Ezeemo of PPA was completely lost in the debate. He came to appeal on emotion and we are sure around 3,000 people will be emotionally touched to vote for him come November 18. Tony Nwoye needs serious upgrading in terms of presentation, carriage and capacity. Though he picked up late, but, clearly, in every aspect of leadership, he looks every inch at far disadvantage with Chidoka, Obaze and Obiano. He presented himself as someone that doesn't have anything new to offer Nde Anambra. He basically isn't ready today to govern a state with such a great human potentials, a state so rich in resource personals. "Road! Road!! Road!!!" was his anthem. Anambra has long passed that level. He looks like someone offering desktop as a solution in this iPad age.

Obiano fumbled as he repeatedly contradicted self both on amount inherited from Peter Obi and his economic statistics and blueprint. He said Anambra was never in recession but, when asked about why he abandoned a major federal road, he said he received 40% of what his predecessor was receiving. Yet, he was the one that talks about growing the state GDP from 2+ to 3 trillion, making Anambra the 27th richest economy in Africa, if Anambra is a country. Most of his other economic achievements have no sustainable statistics to back it and his white elephant Airport project doesn't hold water. But, on a general score, he dusted Nwoye by a million mile. If Osita or Obaze isn't getting it, give it back to Obiano. Obiano performing at 10% capacity will be far better than Nwoye at 100%. This is because Nwoye will be nothing but a drag back to Mbadinuju's inglorious godfatherism years.

In the real sense, there were only three debaters this night: Chidoka, Obaze, Obiano, and among the three, Obaze made his points tackling and contradicting Obiano. Both allowed their personality clash to take the better part of their debate. Outside dishing out statistics while tackling Obiano, Obaze failed to make more in-depth impact. That leaves on clear winner: Chidoka.

This young man was dynamic. He showed himself capable, articulate, resourceful and with the extra ability to think outside the box. Moreover, he was the one who didn't just came to the debate to identify with IPOB. That apart, he carried the message that offered a hope for the Biafrian agitation.

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