Saturday, 25 November 2017


Dr. Jimoh Ibrahim
Wow!!! This is a sign that he has stepped up his game as an international businessman and shrewd investor. The multibillionaire and founder of Energy Group, Dr. Jimoh Ibrahim, has taken steps to make his business global. Dr. Ibrahim, the only Nigerian who has gotten post-graduate degrees in Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge, has relocated the headquarters of his conglomerate to the United Arab Emirates.

Tectono Business Review gathered that the billionaire who is known as a corporate surgeon for his ability to acquire dead companies and resuscitate them back to profitability took the decision so that he could efficiently coordinate the activities of his investment across Africa, Europe and Asia.

A couple of months back, Dr. Ibrahim opened a new corporate office in Dubai to oversee his growing overseas operations. Now, he has moved the major activities of his operation to Dubai where he has been accorded the status of an investor.

In Dubai, the PhD holder in Strategy from the University of Oxford owns a 5-star hotel and plays big in the real estate business there. Aside this, he also owns a lovely mansion in an exclusive area of Dubai where all their super rich citizens live.