Sunday, 7 January 2018


Report reaching Tectono Business Review has it that a Nigerian born 34year old Ph.D student in Washington State University, Cornelius Adewale, has won $100,000 grants to build a phone application to help farmers grow more crops after emerging winner of Seattle Bullitt Foundation Annual Environmental Prize.

Adewale arrived United States with $6,000 earned from his vegetable harvest at his Lagos farm enough only to pay for his first semester of classes in Organic Agriculture at Washington State University

He was named member of the board of directors of Washington’s Tilth Alliance and has helped team of students at WSU to create a web-based tool that helps Washington farmers measure their carbon footprint. He gives them ideas for how they could reduce that footprint by adjusting the way they farm

Reacting to question on what he would do with the money, Adewale said: “I plan to use the money to build a phone app that will help Nigerian farmers grow more crops, using fewer resources, with a lighter touch on the planet.”

According to the President and CEO of Bullitt, Denis Hayes, “Cornelius just had a magnetism, energy and charm that made him irresistible. He came with rave recommendations from his professors, who believe he can be a transformational force in agriculture."

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