Tuesday, 24 July 2018


Dr. Oliver Chidozie Ogbu
We; the management of Tectono Ventures, publishers of Tectono Business Review,; refer to our earlier publication entitled 'THE PHILANDERING PERSONALITY OF DR. OLIVER CHIDOZIE OGBU' dated July 21, 2015 where Dr. Oliver Chidozie Ogbu was branded as a womanizer, rapist who sleeps with married woman, prostitutes, female children, etc which dented his reputation. The publication was brought down a couple of days after publication.

We also wrote that he tried to romance with a married woman in the sitting room of her husband, spent extra years in the university, hawked animal feeds from house to house in Abuja, did leave hostel in search of prostitutes while in the university and did demeaning jobs. Equally, we advised his prospective clients not to patronize him.

Let us state it categorically that the publication was just a figment of our imagination because none of such things happened. Dr. Oliver Chidozie Ogbu is a very nice, responsible, easy-going, God-fearing, well-educated, intelligent and respected professional veterinary doctor. We have always known him as a man who is from a very good family known for very high moral values and who can never stoop so low as to do any of the things mentioned above.

We therefore state it unequivocally that:
-Dr. Oliver Chidozie Ogbu has never slept with any married woman, prostitute or female children.
-He has never been a philanderer, libertine, Don Juan, gigolo, satyr or stud. 
-While he was in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in the university, he never left his hostel in search of prostitutes.
-He is a very brilliant person. So, he did not spend extra year in the university.
-He never tried to touch or romance with a married woman in the sitting-room of her husband.
-He does not go from house to house selling animal feeds. He is a professional veterinary doctor that knows his onions.
-He has never engaged in any demeaning or belittling job owing to the fact that he is a well-trained professional.
-He has never been HIV+
-Because of the fact that he knows his onions, his professional practice is very profitable.
-He is not a half-baked veterinary doctor because he was well trained in the university and certified by various professional bodies.

We, therefore, use this medium to tender an unreserved apology to Dr. Ogbu, his friends, family members, and his various clients. We regret publishing such malicious allegations against such an innocent man. It was orchestrated by evil forces we cannot explain.

We also urge all the clients of Dr. Ogbu, wherever they are, to continue to patronize him as he is well trained and experienced in the field of veterinary medicine. We also call on Nigerians that are in need of very good veterinary services to contact this expert.
May the blessings be!!!

Ugwokeh Nnaemeka
For: Tectono Ventures

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