Tuesday, 4 September 2018


By: Gloria Ochonogor
Ekene is a very brilliant young lad. From infancy, he has demonstrated a high intuitive sense. He just seems naturally smarter, achieves feats not common among his peers. Ekene has become the cynosure of all eyes. People can't just wait to see what he'll turn out to be. Such an interesting piece of creation, that, Ekene is.

Tragedy struck! Ekene's dad, a local palm wine tapper, eager to work hard to support his sick, frail wife and their 5 children had to slip on one of the palm trees and fell to the ground breaking his spinal cord.

Not long after, Ekene's dad died.

What will become of Ekene's natural wit and brilliance? One would ask; will wit and wisdom put food on the table?

Ekene has to hawk akamu every day. Dreams of school flushed down the drain. Where will poor mama get tuition fee from?

Nigeria has the largest number of children in the world who are not being educated, the government has said.

Acknowledging the scale of the problem the education ministry's permanent secretary Adamu Hussaini said it was "sad to note" that Nigeria had 10.5 million children out of school!

But out of the South Eastern part of Nigeria has arisen a solution; Akachi Nwoke.

Nwa nne m! Nwa nne m ooo!!! (Sister) Come ooo... Make you hear wetin I dey hear ooo... Nwunye Pastor (Pastor's wife) came calling. Nkechi's children don dey go school ooo! If you see them inside uniform, Choi!!! Them resemble Ajebota pikins them! Umu ndi big man (Children of the rich)

I come ask Nkechi, wetin happen? How God take butter your bread? She talk say na free education ooo! I shock! Free wetin?? Inside this Nigeria? Inside this Aba?

The next day, nwunye Pastor and nwanyi akamu (Ekene's mother) took all their children, 9 of them and followed Nkechi to Emerald International Academy, (Inside Crystal Park Hotel premises), Aba.

Behold... Free Education in the city of Aba, Abia State!! Free Education for 3000 children!! The most qualified teachers!! A serene comfortable learning environment!!!

It is real!! Ekene goes to school now! His high prospects can't be washed down the drain anymore, not when there is an Akachi Nwoke in town!!!

Why are your kids not in school? Why are your neighbour's kids not in school? Why are those kids down your street not in school? Haven't you heard the latest jist? Why haven't you told them of Emerald International Academy.

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