Sunday 24 June 2018


Chief Dr. Olusegun Obasanjo & Alhaji Atiku Abubakar
Erstwhile president, Chief Dr. Olusegun Obasanjo, is under pressure from close friends and political allies to support his erstwhile deputy, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, in his presidential bid.

Those urging Obasanjo to back Atiku believe the former vice president has genuine intentions for Nigeria. But they are desirous of seeing the end of what they consider President Muhammadu Buhari’s inane government in 2019.

To achieve Buhari’s ouster, Obasanjo’s allies believe there is need for him to reconsider his opposition to Atiku’s ambition. According to them, Atiku remains one of the most qualified and ready candidates for the office of president ahead of 2019, and one who can give Buhari a run for his money.

We gathered that the high level consultations that started at various platforms since the formation of Obasanjo’s Coalition for Nigeria Movement (CNM), otherwise known as the “third force”, and which has already metamorphosed into African Democratic Congress (ADC), had been intensified. In this regard, Obasanjo met with some leaders of his native South-west yesterday, in discussions that even involved some of his known political enemies.

CNM and ADC, both of which have prominent Nigerians as members, are also said to have gone into more serious talks with equally critical socio-political and cultural groups in the country. Majority of them are believed to have bought into the idea of “changing the change” in 2019.

One of such organisations said to be ready to work with Obasanjo on the understanding that it is purely a Nigerian project is Afenifere, which has never hidden its reservation about Buhari. Afenifere is said to be discussing with Obasanjo the imperative of not closing the space on anyone on account of personal animosity, citing specifically the case of Atiku.

The reason Afenifere is believed to be making a case for Atiku, not as an automatic candidate of the alliance but one of the many aspirants to come together in collective interest, inside sources say, is his position on the issue of restructuring, which a majority of Afenifere members consider crucial to the future of a united Nigeria.

Some Afenifere sources that confided in us at the weekend maintained that although they were sure Atiku would implement full restructuring, as this has since formed the core of his campaign, they were certain he would implement it in a manner that would be fair to all parts the country.

Obasanjo met with some South-west leaders yesterday, at a parley chaired by one of Afenifere’s leaders, Chief Ayo Adebanjo, to further explore the possibility of collaboration.
The former president also seized the opportunity to visit his estranged ally, Chief Olabode George, first to commiserate with him on the passing of his son, Dipo, and to also reconcile with him by drafting him into the battle to take back the country.

But sources said while Obasanjo had yet to give any positive response to the request to give Atiku a chance, he did not however maintain his familiar hard stance on the former vice president, a situation many interpreted to mean he might have begun to soft-pedal.

This is against the backdrop of the speculations that Obasanjo had sworn at different fora that never would Atiku rule Nigeria in his lifetime. Such dispositions clearly establish where Obasanjo is believed to stand on Atiku’s long-nursed presidential project. The former president is believed to be the one de-marketing his former deputy on the allegations that he was a corrupt politician, who should not be found anywhere close to power again. But recent developments are set to give fillip to the saying that in politics anything is possible.

A source that had been in the know about the moves said, “After all, the same Obasanjo once described a former Rivers State governor, Rotimi Amaechi’s ambition as one with a K-leg, but later went to commission projects in Rivers, where he poured accolades on the former governor. Whatever made that happen can make it possible in the case of Atiku and that is where we stand.

“Don’t get it wrong, we are not saying Atiku is already our choice for the presidency in 2019. We have many capable hands already in our midst and we are going to have more by the time the alliance with other groups of similar dispositions is sealed. But it would be unfair to close the door on someone as important as Atiku in a presidential contest. Let it be a fair run. That’s all we crave and he seems to see the sense in our position.

“The truth is that at the stage we are now, even President Obasanjo has realised we must not make the mistake of not putting our best foot forward in the race to realising the Nigerian project. I’m not saying he (Atiku) is our best foot, but if he turns out to be our best foot, we must not hesitate to put him forward for as long as Nigeria wins.” (Thisday)

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