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In men, fecundability (probability of conception) is maximal at age of 24 – 25, and tends to fall after the age of 40. Although, spermatogenesis usually continues to some extent until old age. One of our recent pregnancies belongs to a couple involving a 76 years-old male partner. Octogenarian fathers are by no means rare too.

General health and nutrition
Good general health is associated with fertility, but bad health is not an absolute barrier to conception. Excessive alcohol consumption, prolonged cigarettes smoking and drug addiction, all pose deleterious effect on spermatogenesis and to a lesser extent on sexual ability.

Psychological factor
Anxiety, stress, tension are common features in modern life and seem implicated in infertility in some couples. On the other hand, these factors together with isolation, anger, depression and even grief may be generated as a result of delay in childbearing thus establishing a vicious cycle. Intercourse schedule by prescription from doctors may remove desirable spontaneity in love-making. Sometimes, the knowledge that intercourse may involve a subsequent post-coital examination may result in impotence in the male partner.

Timing and frequency of intercourse
Ovulation occurs approximately 14 days before a woman’s menstruation irrespective of the cycle length. A woman is most fertile around this time (the fertile period). Only about 80% of women would menstruate following ovulation and about 20% of women would menstruate albeit abnormally without having ovulated. However, in a regular ovulating and menstruating woman, coitus has to take place at least every 48 hours during this fertile period to offer the optimum chance of conception.

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