Wednesday 3 October 2018


Dr. Michael Ogunkoya, MD, The Hope Valley Fertility Clinic
Infertility, a reality potentially threatening every aspect of a couples’ life and happiness.
It dips into the couples’ relationship and could destabilize their self-esteem.  Their relationship with their parents, friends, neighbours, colleagues etc. gets distorted in search for solutions with the feeling of a social stigma.  It breeds loneliness, apathy, and sometimes separation and divorce. It is a great threat in the dreams of one’s future.

These few but overwhelming challenges of emotional stress, crisis and implications can only be best described by the ones so affected by infertility. Counseling is the friend with a listening ear, a patient guide, a reliable comforter, a motivator to carry on and a supporter for all weather.

In the passage of our daily lives and in our interactions with others, we undergo so many forms of emotional challenges frequently evoking anxiety, stress and depression. Some we can cope with by learning from others yet some destabilize us. In such times, counseling is required to ensure a stable emotional state. It gives an opportunity to explore ourselves, thoughts, our feelings and beliefs in order to come to a greater understanding of the emerging situation.

Counseling can be brought to bear in so many specified issues such as performing its role in the care and emotional treatment concerning fertility services. It becomes apparent between infertile couples towards and on the realization and acknowledgement of their predicament, a major breakthrough leading to series of medical consultation.

Incidentally, fertility consultation with focus on I.V.F treatment differs significantly from other medical consultation in obstetrics and gynaecology clinics.  It involves an invasive nature of tests and a great impact on the couple’s intimate life but an inevitable process to determine an appropriate treatment.

This presents fundamental issues of further stress on how to cope with the treatment procedures which if not properly handled could have a negative influence on the outcome of the treatment’s success. Counseling is to let the person know that they are not alone and there are people adequately trained to care and assist them through such time.

Thus, counseling forms a crucial component of care and emotional treatment in fertility services. Couples need to express themselves to an understanding counselor who encourages, reassures and supports them throughout the cycles of repeated diagnostics procedures, interventions and medical treatment that can be successful but often are not.

At The Hope Valley Fertility Clinic, we offer all these and many more. In addition to meeting with the counselor, counseling is further optionally provided through the patient support in a forum of interactive discussion with patients who have successfully completed the I.V.F treatment and clients currently undertaking the cycles. You are free and encouraged to tour the clinic facilities and treatment equipment, meeting key members of the fertility services for an on the spot encounter and the appreciation of what it takes to give the best of service to you.

Remember to seek and acquaint yourself with the counseling services, it is a part of the treatment that makes the difference in your care. Please, contact Dr. Michael Ogunkoya on: 0803369466 for further information and appointment with the counselor.

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The Hope Valley Fertility Clinic
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