Monday 28 January 2019


Dr. Michael Ogunkoya, MD, The Hope Valley Fertility Clinic
“We are very hardworking and organized and that is why our clinic, The Hope Valley Fertility Clinic, is very effective. We also have the right equipment and the right personnel. When you are in our clinic where huge premium is placed on quality management, you are bound to see results. Every step is geared towards achieving the best results. For instance, we know that only good embryos do become babies. You can only have good embryos if you have good eggs and sperm mixed together in the right environment. The role we play is to treat each couple separately and evaluate their needs to enhance their chances of getting pregnant.
“We plan for each couple, taking them as an entity, running them through the right tests to determine the best method to make them achieve pregnancy. But if you have not done the test, you may not be able to determine the suitability of sperm or egg. In a nutshell, our processes are painstaking and detailed for individual patient considering their peculiarities.” 
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  1. Which is as it should be. It should be a painstaking process. This ensures proper fertility and a healthy birth.