Sunday 20 February 2022


To be able to heal spiritually, you would attain it in mind and in spirit. What do we mean? You must know intuitively that you are God's supreme creation and that dominion and power are yours. I say you must know not just believe. That is what the initiation is to spiritually inject into your being. To be God's supreme creation means that you are an epitome creature of laws and principles. Human beings have a built in capacity for health. There is a divinity in humans which is the whole and perfect activity of God. You must realise this.
We are spiritual beings first, before we are mental, emotional and physical persons. It is this spiritual self that is perfect and whole always, for it the self-created in the image of God. This real self is the pattern for the physical self, it can never be harmed, and because of this the physical body can be repaired and restored. The mold is there. Our prayers and desires provides the building materials. Since the spiritual is the beginning, the creator, the healing is done through the spiritual.
Therefore healing is a divine right and it is possible spiritually no matter what conditions are. At every juncture there is a word, there is something that can stop a hopeless condition. So the healing mind must develop a kind of awareness that he or she is related to a great creative spirit that infuses it's very life into our minds and bodies when we turn our attention to it.
Now, the inside part of man is the spirit man and this spirit or psychic man consists principally of what is termed autonomic nervous system with its various sections, parts, psychic centres and glands. You have both a physical heart and spiritual heart. The spiritual heart is invisible; inside the physical one.
When the doctor operates on the heart, he does not see the invisible psychic part of man. All the organs of the body have invisible counterparts. Every part of your body has its replica in the spiritual. Because of this the healing mind must know that in disease conditions there is something above the physical body that when contacted can change the situation as it is being experienced. Your mind has control over every part of your body.
Very often, the cause of disease is deeply rooted in the consciousness of the individual. That is where a metaphysician (healing mind) is absolutely necessary as an additional means of bringing about relief in many situations. Unconscious habits of thinking and inharmonious mental attitude are two of the great causes that every metaphysician must search for in all chronic disease conditions.
The patient is often the last one to suspect that these two things may be the real cause of his sufferings. Therefore, the metaphysician must be diplomatic and well-armed with fundamental metaphysical knowledge of the mind as he intervenes for healing. That is why the first recommendation is that the person meditates with Psalm 119 subrosa. In this psalm is a system of affirmation and denial.
The metaphysician therefore treats causes and not symptoms. He or she knows that true causes are usually not physical, but in the region of consciousness. If the mind is beset with clouds of vexation, inhibitions, bitterness, animosity, impatience, resentment, anger, indignation, stubbornness, false pride, tension, sorrow and disappointments, one form of illness or the other would arise.
Wonderful healing occurs when you project a picture of good health to a person. Mary Baker Eddy founder of Christian Science understood and taught this. She saw that anything short of perfection in health had a cause in consciousness. Correct that imperfection in consciousness and it disappears in the material world. This fundamental of metaphysical healing are also understood by Unity school of practical Christianity or Unity Church. It is also being taught by the Church of Religious Science founded by Ernest Holmes. If you are a Christian and have not learnt from these schools then you in darkness.
Finally we must therefore know this point as metaphysicians. Cause is in consciousness- normally unseen. Effect is in circumstances- the seen. When the effect is in circumstances involving health, you can be sure that your consciousness is causing the condition. But how? The key is negativity. Remove the negativity and the body will return to good health

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