Tuesday 12 September 2023


Good afternoon friends and welcome to today's edition of Sunday Special with the Celebrity Businessman.
How are you enjoying your Sunday? I can regurgitate having said that the Sunday Special with the Celebrity Businessman is in a process of skewing towards the ramification of business. In order words, I am gradually introducing business topics to it.
Today, I am looking into one of the secrets of attraction money which is avoiding waste of money. Yesterday, I asked a fundamental question on the way money should be treated. Let me recapitulate the question.
You are in your office and all of a sudden, you feel pressed. While using the toilet, N50 falls from your pocket into your excreta. What will be your next action? Will you flush the money along with the excreta?
I was impressed that excess of 70% of people who commented said that they would pick the N50, wash with detergent and spend it. About 30% of them said that N50 would not be able to buy common good biscuit in Nigeria and because of that, they would flush it.
Money is a spirit and if you give such a spirit an impression that you cannot go extra-miles in saving it from wasting, money will run away from you. If this is the only thing you will ever learn from me, I have achieved a lot.
I feel bad each time I visit some people in their homes and see slightly torn naira notes in denominations like N200, N100, N50, N20, etc. I asked one of them why he had not used tape on the naira note that was always on his table and spent.
"I don't have time for that and there is no meaningful thing N200 can buy nowadays. I make payment most through online transfer," he replied.
In addition to running a real estate marketing and consulting firm, this man owns a boutique and he is the one in charge of cash lodgment in banks. So, I told him to add the slightly torn N200 to the money he would pay into his company's account.
"That will be a big embarrassment to me in the bank, because I want all the workers in that branch of the bank to buy properties at Ibeju-Lekki from me and I don't want to appear hungry in their presence," he replied.
At that juncture, I decided to mind my business.
Dollar-denominated multimillionaire and billionaires all over the world, especially the ones who made money legitimately, know this secret. They can donate enormously to charity, but they will never waste 1 cent.
Let me ask another question. If your gross income per month is N100,000 and you are issued a cheque for N500 as a gift by a friend, will you lodge it into your account? Let's be truthful here. Will you not see the cheque as an insult and tear it into shreds? Yes, how will you waste your time going to the bank just because of N500 cheque?
I can recall a conference of some business tycoons in US, some decades ago. The conference was aimed at discussing a way forward in a certain ramification of the US economy.  Players in that sector of the economy were painstakingly selected. They were dollar-denominated multimillionaires.
After the conference, they were given gifts in packages and one of the contents of each package was a check for $5. The organizers intentionally did that to know what the millionaire would do with the cheques.
After 72 hours, the organizers met with those business tycoons and got proof that all of them lodged the cheques into their respective bank accounts within 48 hours. Imagine, multimillionaires in dollar were given gifts of $5 cheque each and within 48 hours, they all had paid them into their bank accounts. None of them saw the gifts as an insult.
Let us imbibe the culture of respecting money. Don't allow money under your care to waste. Like I mention before, money is a spirit that always like to flow to people who have dramatized the willingness to respect and save it from being wasted.
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