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A very commanding political figure in
Nsukka at the grass-root ramification, whose moniker is Ordained Oracle, has unveiled the real reason why she left the political camp of the senator representing Enugu North Senatorial District, Senator Okey Ezea.
The exceedingly beautiful and gifted spiritualist, who has joined forces with the political camp of the immediate past governor of Enugu State, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, made this revelation on her Facebook page.
It can be regurgitated the Senator Ezea defeated Ugwuanyi in the last senatorial election, but the erstwhile governor has sworn to unseat him come 2027.
“I left Okey Ezea because of one main reason: Even after winning the election, he has continued his amorous advances at me. I am sick and tired of such a man who would be ready to sacrifice political integrity on the altar of sex.
“Where are the morals that come with age? Where is the self-control that comes with experience? Where is the discipline that comes with many years of failing and finally succeeding?
“I supported a version of Okey Ezea that promised hope for me and my people, but he offered me a version that uses youths for filthy desires. God forbid him,” Ordained Oracle wrote.
On the same post titled, “I did not leave Okey Ezea because of money, the Ordained Oracle refuted insinuations making the rounds that she left the camp of the senator in view of money, adding that her action was anchored on the senator’s unsavory character.  
In her own words, “The putrid idea that I left Okey Ezea because of money is a blatant fallacy and a fortuitous boon for the public understanding.
“I have emphasized in a previous post that I left Okey Ezea because of his stinking character. If I was one that can be bought with money, the campaign period was an opportune time to dump Okey Ezea. I had every bright opportunity to do that, but I chose to stand by him.
“No imaginable form of ill treatment did Okey Ezea not mete out to me at the same time when beautiful offers were open for me. Yet, I endured them all and worked for him until his triumph at the polls.
“I could have betrayed him before and during the election, but I stood by him, despite his wickedness and immoral behaviour.

Before we set out to work, I spelt it out to Okey Ezea that I would not entertain any form of immoral relationship. When we agree to work, let us face work. But all through the campaign period, Okey Ezea could not desist from his immoral pressures on me. I know the level of pressure he mounted on me.

“His incessant disturbances were disgusting and sickening, yet I did not leave him, I overlooked it and worked for his political success. Before the election, Okey Ezea retrieved his media phone from me and gave it to someone else. That was one act that exposed his lack of political wisdom, because retrieving a media phone from an active devotee was particularly to his political disadvantage.
“Perhaps he did that to punish me for the refusal of his amorous proposals. He did it to me before the election, yet I continued working for him. However, nemesis caught up with them on that when the young man he gave the phone was the one who posted the woeful video of Okey Ezea in which he was threatening “do or die”.
“How can money be a factor for my leaving Okey Ezea? The only amount of money Okey Ezea gave me outside data money for the media team he told me to set up, was ₦150,000 (one hundred and fifty thousand Naira). On the other hand, I spent not less than ₦2,000,000 (two million Naira +) in grassroots mobilisation for him.
“I bought a lot of wrappers and other things with which we approached women to canvas for their support. If I was to leave Okey Ezea because of money, I would not spend such amount of money mobilising people for him.
“Sometimes, my team would go out for campaign hungry and Okey Ezea would feign ignorance about the needful. We promoted Okey Ezea on empty stomach on such days, yet I did not leave him.
“During the local government elections, I told Okey Ezea my specific interest. For reasons best known to him, he ignored the message. But that did not deter me from working for him.
“After the elections, I turned down Okey Ezea's political appointment. If money was the attractive force for me, that appointment would have sufficed for a good source. I turned it down, yet I did not leave him. But there was a problem.
“After the election, Okey Ezea quickly surrounded himself with criminally minded goons and stooges. Among them were highly manipulative people, who use charms to bend natural courses. These were people who never believed that Okey Ezea could win the election.
“Now, they started concocting different meals all to get to his heart. Soon, Okey Ezea began to reason and act incoherently. He hasn't been able to manage a small group of those who worked for him, neither has he done well at representing the constituents at the National Assembly.”
This revelation has started precipitating innumerable reactions among political enthusiasts from that senatorial district.
On the comment section of the post, a certain Linda Onah wrote, “You turned him down, tell us about the ones you accepted. Don't come here and start acting saint. Don't force people to start digging out your past. You may not withstand the pressure. Thread with caution.”
Nnamani Onyekachi Joel commented, “We have heard your own part of the story, I believe you have all your evidence to prove this. Nigerian politicians are so powerful and before you know,he will charge your for defamation of character. How I wish this issue didn't get to this level 😞. All thesame, what you said is common among those political elites but tanx the universe you didn't fall him. Expect attacks, propaganda,traits etc from his camp.”
Okwudili Anthony Ogbonna commented, “Make sure u have evidence of what you are saying.however women dt follow politicians up and down WI explain to you better DTS not a new thing and DTS put me off to women dt follow politicians up and down.”

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