Tuesday, 26 April 2016


Jiji is one of those websites that are a real finding, and after you check out all the opportunities it offers, you cannot believe you haven’t done it before. Yes, everything is that great. Jiji is a great place both for people who take care of their time and money and for shopaholics.

To be precise, it is a familiar market that successfully changed a domain and moved to the web space. Now it allows anyone to become a seller. For this, you don’t even need to pay any fees or charges. There is no rent for a counter; instead of that, you get an opportunity to post ads for free. It is not a local market anymore. The coverage area grows to the territory with the Internet connection, and every user becomes a potential buyer.

However, Jiji doesn’t sell anything itself. It just provides other people with such opportunity. This is not an online shop, it is an entire marketplace. Jiji creates conditions for interaction between sellers and buyers. They can communicate directly with each other and process all deals without any effort.

For users’ convenience, all ads on the website are divided into several categories, letting you quickly find necessary things. You definitely have a hobby, and everything related to it is gathered in Hobbies - Art - Sport. There are books and games, musical instruments, CDs and DVDs, collectibles, stuff for crafts, camping gear, bicycles and sports items. So if you even don’t have a hobby, you can find one by simply scanning a list of offers.

Due to the user-friendly interface, you can buy things as easily as you find them. The opportunity to post adverts for free results in over 530,000 active offers, which, in their turn, attract over 10 million visitors every month. Check out the website and make sure it is not an exaggeration.