Monday 24 August 2020


LONGRICH (08067876251) is a Multinational Company who distributes their products through Multi-Level Marketing using direct sales plan. Longrich provides a solid platform for distributors who are bound to succeed as long as they turn their dreams into persistent pursuits. Longrich has an advanced and powerful COMPENSATION PLAN which offers greater profitability. It eliminates the pitfalls, drawbacks and weaknesses of traditional network marketing systems and propels you straight to FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

The process of becoming a Longrich distributor in Nigeria is a process made easy. This is in agreement with the president’s vision which says, “Longrich has an ambitious goal of giving each of us not only the chance to live in a harmonious and healthy environment but also build a successful business.”

Now to become a MEMBER or DISTRIBUTOR and benefit from this great business opportunity, you need to choose and entry level. Registration is free. Purchase of products worth any of our entry levels validates your membership.

Student Package: N10, 050 (4PV)
Q-Silver Level: N25, 000 – N35,000 (60PV). Earn 8% of referrals.
Fastrich Package: N41, 000 with product value of 60pv and you earn 8000 the next working day on directly sponsored referral.
Silver Level: N50, 000 – N70,000 (120PV). Earn 8% of referral PVs.
Gold Level: N100,000 – N120,000 (240PV). Earn 10% of referral PVs.
Platinum Level: N300,000 – N350, 000 (720PV). Earn 12% of referral PVs.
VIP Level: N600, 000 – N750, 000  (1,680PV). Earn 12% of referral PVs + a share of 1% global PVs.

A. Choose your entry level. Go through the product list and select your products.
B. We guide you to calculate the total product value (PV) attached to the products you selected (and corresponding amount) to match your ENTRY LEVEL chosen.
C. Once you have chosen your entry level, pay the total amount for the products you selected into Longrich’s accounts:
ZENITH BANK 1012908177
FIRST BANK 2029027217

D. Make sure teller is clear and Screenshot as evidence of payment (transfer evidence allowed too) and send alongside the following details for registration: Full Name, Date of Birth, Address, Phone Number, Bank Name, Account Name and Number, Gender to 08067876251 or e-mail:

You will be given your membership code. For any enquiry, call: 08067876251.

As soon as you register as a member, you will have a membership code with which you can keep track of all purchases, referrals, and bonuses/incentives using our online portal. You are allowed to select products of your choice worth your money

Once you have registered via any level as listed above, the company requires you to sign up three (3) people i.e. share the VISION to three people and sign them up on any of the entry level listed above. Then you encourage them to do exactly what you did (i.e. also introduce the company to three (3) people and register them.

Upon registration, products worth the amounts of your choice are supplied to you immediately. If there will be delays, you will be informed before time. Upon registration, a page is created for you on  with your distributor ID and password you can access your page and monitor your activities, bonuses, and incentives awarded.

You can register someone in any of the categories and there is room for upgrade to the next level. You are expected to have 3 down lines as your first generation and each down lines to have 3 each and so on and so forth. All these form your generation till infinity and bonuses are awarded in each level you attain.

As a distributor in any of the categories, you register 3 people. Bonuses start counting from the 5th week of registration of at least 2 down lines. Bonuses are paid weekly. As a sponsor you also earn directly a bonus from your generation outside your first. This network makes you earn to the last generation of your team. The compensation plan is very competitive and encouraging.

Other benefits of Longrich above other MLM companies:
Maximum of 3 legs
No time frame (no pressure)
No compulsory monthly purchases (target)
Unlimited accumulation of bonus points
Leadership easily achieved
Products are Quality and affordable
No sales accumulated target
Earn weekly bonuses according to team’s activity.
Earn bonuses to our last generation.
We are expected to have only 3 down lines.
No pressure.
Single group can make money.
Two groups can achieve financial freedom.
Every Green Thursday, the company pays you commission/bonuses based on the weekly activities of your team into your (personal) local bank account.
Longrich plan encourages teamwork.
Reason why you grow as your team grows.
Note that you are also rewarded with trips, cars and house when you meet certain criteria.
No monthly products purchase target.
You are allowed to select products of your choice.

Performance bonus: Your entry status as Silver (8%) , Gold (10%), Platinum / VIP (12%) determines earnings power, PB is paid weekly on all generations to infinity.
Development bonus: (10% flat) paid on 2 of the highest Points per level the bonus leg.
Leadership bonus: (10% – 45%) paid on sponsorship tree up to 12 generations.
Retail order bonus: (25%- 50%) paid on retail/repeat orders.

VIP incentive: (earn 1% of Longrich Global Sales every cycle. Can be converted to Travel/car/house)
Worldwide incentive: (earned from Diamond 4 level and above) 2.5% of coy global sales
Star director’s worldwide Incentive: (earn 2.5% of company’s Global sales)

To get started, call this number immediately!! 08067876251

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