Thursday, 27 August 2020


Emma Achilihu

It is high time we woke up and work professionally and stop being used by unserious clients. Due to economic challenge in this country, thousands of real estate agents no longer know their right. Consequently, they fall for every dick and harry client all in a bid to earn money.

It has been discovered recently that a lot of clients are WINDOW SHOPPERS. They engage agents in property search and at the end they will not buy. Please, we need to learn to filter REAL CLIENTS from WINDOW SHOPPERS else you will waste your precious time and money and nothing comes out of it..

1). Open budget clients: Before you decide to buy anything, you must have fixed budget in mind. So, let no one deceive you with the so-called open budget.

2). Please, send pictures the client stays abroad or at Abuja, all that are scam. They have seen it in you advert. Tell them to come down with their clients.

3). I need 4000 acres of Land in Ibeju Lekki: this is not possible because even a community can't own upto such size of land else you get into Govt. Land Wahala.

4). I need 1000 sqm land in Lekki phase one for N80million or I need a comprehensive 5 bedroom detached duplex in Lekki 1 for N100m: This also is scam.

5). Emergency inspection. Stop it. We allowed clients to disrespect us because we have sold ourselves so cheap as a result of frustrations in making money. This is why they offer we agents whatever they like when it comes to fee. 24hrs is not bad.

6). Agency fee: Let's learn to define ourselves. Agree on the Agency fee before your clients meets with the seller. Imagine property of 150m and client will offer 1.5m as if you have no responsibilities.

7) .Inspection in the absence of the clients: Very soon, the issue of no client no inspection should be taken seriously. Some Agents comes in, pretends that they want to come and inspect in absence of their clients after which go behind to close the deal.

8). Please, beware of clients Lawyer or Barrister who, confuse clients for their own selfish gain after many inspections.

Stop wasting your hard earn money on calls and transport fares that won't bring in cash into your pocket. Ask questions and guide the client so he don't waste your time and money.

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