Sunday 14 June 2020


Our data analyses have revealed that excess of 90% of project clients are being defrauded by their engineers, brothers, uncles, friends whom they give millions of Naira to assist them in buying building materials for project. Some of the individuals go for substandard materials for their selfish gains. They equally give high price for products whose prices are low. Some of them will not even all the materials they were given the money to purchase. Tigerland Technology Services Limited (08067876251) is here to put an end to such issues.

Are you too busy? Do you live in the far-flung parts of Nigeria or abroad? The onus is in us at Tigerland Technology Services Limited (08067876251) to help you purchase and deliver all kinds of building materials needed for your housing project anywere in Nigeria at the best market prices. We also give best quotation for any labour work when the need arises. We supply all building materials needed from the foundation level to the roof level. All you have to do is to tell us what your Engineer needs and we deliver it 100% and on time!

(1) Blocks/Bricks (all sizes)
(2)Sands (all types)
(3) Stones (all types)
(4) Chippings (all sizes)
(5) Cements (full bags + All types)
(6) Rods (all sizes)
(7) Water supply/borehole drilling
(8) Timber /woods/ planks (all sizes)
(9) Bamboos
(10) Foreign doors (Turkey/China doors)
(11) Paints
(12) Alumaco windows/Glasses
(13) Plumbing materials
(14) Steel pipes/iron for Over-head tank
(15) Roofing sheets (all types)
(16) Electrical materials (fittings/component's)
(17)Stainless handrails (assorted designs)
(18) PVC pipes and ceiling materials
(19) Water cistern (All types)
(20) Tiles (floor and wall/assorted designs)
(21) Inter locks
(22) Installation of car park shade
(23) Installation of Solar energy
(24) Roofing/painting jobs
(25) Material and labour work quotations

Note that we supply all of the above building materials at the most affordable rates, and do a live video coverage with clients to confirm our delivery claims. This is to show that all items are accurate and intact for those not around to crosscheck the delivery. We also provide Security to guard materials at the site. (Optional service)

(1) We are the people you can trust when it comes to buying high quality building materials.
(2) With us in charge, all materials are properly accounted for.
(3) We help you save cost by giving you best market prices for any material.
(4) Our team of registered quantity surveyors will help minimize waste of building materials by giving you a good material quotation according to your building plan. (Optional)
(5) We provide you with security to guard your materials at the site after delivery.(Optional)
(6) You don't need to worry about being cheated by retailers at the building materials market as we handle your purchase and give you best market prices.
(7) You don't need to worry about Engineers buying substandard materials after paying them for Quality materials.
(8) You don't need to worry about the stress and time needed in running around to buy any material and have it supplied in time at your site.
(9) Transparency and fast delivery is our thing.
(10) We keep our word!!!

We are builders’ shopping mall. As we look forward to your patronage, we assure you that you will get great value for your money.

Yaba, Lagos

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