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Tectono Business Review (www.tectono-business.com/), a business/real estate consultancy, research and publishing firm, in conjunction with Tectono Ventures Limited, a customer service company as well as a big brand with goodwill in business solution/brokerage, real estate marketing, digital marketing and online advertisement/marketing, presents to you an opportunity to give your brand, corporate image, products and services national coverage and visibility and rake in staggering amount of money in return from your target audience and would-be customers not yet known to you. How will this happen?

E-mail marketing is the easiest and most affordable way of reaching your target audience and would-be customers within some minutes. If you spend little percentage of just your one month budget for advertisement on email marketing, you could double your client base. Harvard Business Review has proven that email marketing has a far higher return on investment (ROI) than traditional advertisement and even the highly advocated social media adverts. We have excess of 20,000 e-mail addresses of big companies, chief executives of blue-chip companies who are the key decision makers, top and middle managers of big companies and other corporate individuals, who are willing to do business with you, in our database.

E-mail marketing with our e-mail database is fast becoming the most reliable and profitable marketing strategy in this country owing to the fact we have the right target audience of your products and services. Each recipient of your e-mail campaign is more likely to patronize you. So, if you have not started using this strategy in your business, you are definitely missing a whole lot of patronage from prospective big clients. Both Vconnect and ConnectNigeria are using our database and they charge far higher than us owing to their goodwill and popular brands.

The companies that we have their e-mail addresses and that of their key decision makers fall under the following categories:
Oil & Gas (Upstream, Midstream & Downstream).
Financial Institutions (Commercial Banks, Insurance Companies, Insurance Brokers, Stock Brokers, Mortgage Banks, Microfinance Banks, Fund Managers etc.)
Transport/Haulage/Integrated Logistics & Supply Chain Management.
Import/Export/Shipping/Freight Forwarding.
Professional Organizations.
Fast Moving Consumer Goods.
Information and Communication Technology.
Real Estates/Project Management.
Big Law Firms
Marketing Communication/Publishing/Advertising.
Integrated Consultancy.
Events Management.
High-Brow Private Schools.
Federal & State Parastatals.
Small/Medium Scale Enterprises.
Many wealthy individuals that have high purchasing powers.

With these 20,000 e-mail addresses at your disposal, you do not need to pay through your nose again in placing adverts in the print or electronic media for your products and services. You just have to package your adverts/proposals very well and send directly to your prospective clients via e-mail. It will reduce cost, time and improve the bottom-line of your organization. The e-mail addresses are already separated with commas (,). You will just paste your proposal/advert on the body of the e-mail, copy and paste the e-mail addresses on the BCC row bit by bit and send. It is very simple. We have been using it in advertising our petroleum product business and the results have been fantastically terrific.

The promoters of Tectono Business Review and Tectono Ventures Limited have worked in consultancy, research, training and capacity building firms as well as the biggest business school in Nigeria especially Lagos Business School that have had CEOs and top management staffs of big corporations as trainees and participants in their seminars, master classes and senior/advanced executive management programmes. That’s where majority of the e-mail addresses were generated from. Your products and services can be advertised to more than 20,000 would-be very important customers within some minutes. Your proposals can also be sent to them via e-mails. Imagine how the financial status of your firm will be when more than 20,000 corporate bodies and individuals pay for your products and services or even give you very juicy deals. As soon as you place an order for the e-mail database, we will be updating you with more e-mail addresses as we generate them from the business schools. We are willing to go out of our ways to take care of you. We can do more than caring; we can help your organization capture a big size of the market. Forward this e-mail to all your friends and relations for them to be blessed too.

Pay the sum of N20,000 into  the company’s accounts below:

Payment options: cash, cheque and online fund transfer.
Thereafter, text the deposit teller number, your active e-mail address, the name you used in making the deposit to 08067876251. Upon confirmation of payment, the attached copy of the e-mail addresses in Microsoft word document will be sent to your e-mail inbox.

VConnect has been collecting N40,000 from their clients to send targeted e-mails for them. VConnect can only send the e-mails to maximum of 5,000 e-mail addresses. They cannot hand over their database over to you. So, if you want VConnect to send another e-mails for you again, you have to pay another N40,000. You will be surprised to learn that VConnect got greater part of their e-mail database from us. Here is an opportunity to lay your hand on the database you can use uncountable times without paying us any money again.

We, at Tectono Business Review, must state here that the most effective e-mail campaign is the one done by yourself or a trusted employee of your company. So many mushroom internet marketing companies are everywhere and they claim that they can send e-mails for you to their five million contacts in their database at the cost of more than N100,000. They are fraudulent. They will only collect your money and just send just few mails and that will be the end because they have many other things to do. The e-mails that they have are phony and non-functional. They do not have your interest at heart. That is how your money will go without any returns. So, it is better to have our database by yourself and send the e-mails.

The following e-books will be sent to you along with the e-mail addresses:
6000 phone numbers of CEOs and top managers.
An advert on our business website (www.tectono-business.com)
Dr. Jimoh Ibrahim Lecture Series on Wealth Creation.
Contemporary Step-By-Step Guide to Export Business.
Modern Day’s Import Management Manual.
Detailed Methods of Payment in International Business.
The ABC of Entrepreneurship.
How to Get the Power to Create Wealth.

The following reputable companies, institutes and associations below have benefitted immensely from e-mail marketing with our e-mail database and have many testimonies to give:
Chartered Institute of Supply Chain Management.
Association of Businessmen and Investors of Nigeria and Turkey (ABINAT).
Institute of Professional Recruitment Consultants (IPRC)
Connect Nigeria.
Harrymag Ventures Ltd.
Winco Foam Industries Ltd/Goofa Nigeria Ltd
International School of Management, Lagos.
Remoik Nigeria Ltd. (Total Human Capacity Training & Consulting Firm).
M. I. Okoro & Associates Ltd. (Estate Surveyors & Valuers)
Livingstone Estates Ltd.
Sureground Real Estate Ltd.
Sought After Consultancy Ltd.
Osfactor Communications Ltd.
Alain Charles Publishing Ltd. (UK)(Publishers of Oil Review Africa).
First Weatherlands Ltd. (Real Estate/Construction Firm)
Paradise Courts Ltd. (Real Estate Investment Firm).
Luxury Buildings & Access Ltd.
Ayodele Slimmers and Naturopathic Clinic.
Nanchen Craft Engineering Ltd.
Zhoni Collections Ltd.
Topgy Systems & Management Consult Ltd.
Emel Group.
Powercell Ltd.
Waste Matters Nigeria Ltd.
John Bede Associates Ltd.
Fisocon Associates Ltd. (ERP Solution Firm).
The Executive Business School.
H. Pierson Associates Ltd.
Enlightened Services Ltd.
Almond Technologies Ltd.
Harry Baker Professionals Ltd.
Shodut Nigeria Ltd.
PRO Training Centre.
Regville Associates Ltd.
Vibe Web Solutions Ltd.
Anjos Technology Ltd.
IFG Consulting Nigeria Ltd.
Fios Educational Tour.
Bons Computer Technology Ltd.
Knowledge Beyond Ltd.
Candida’s Place. (Highbrow Hospitality Outlet).
Holistic Life Care International Ltd.
Wine Spirit & Cream Ltd.
Micronet Technical Nigeria Ltd.
3T Impex Consulting Ltd. (Export Consulting/Training Firm)
Peace Exclusive World Ltd.
Vanpeux Global Synergy Ltd.
Precious Water Care Ltd.
Enchanting Souvenirs.
21st  Strategies Nigeria Ltd.
Magazine Circulation Nigeria Ltd.
Alusteel & Glasswood Technologies Ltd.
Caritas Communications Ltd.
Quorium Global Solutions Ltd.
Nile Support Services Ltd.
Kola Afolabi & Co.
Gileadbalm Enterprises
IT Ambassadors.
Many other companies and high net-worth individuals.

Another beauty of placing order for this e-mail database is that as soon as you get it, you can use it to advertise your products and services as well as convert it to your own cash-cow by placing adverts for it, as we have been doing, and reselling it at your own chosen price. Can’t you see that making money is not as hard as you think?

We, at Tectono Business Review/Tectono Ventures Limited, have received innumerable phone calls, text messages and e-mails from those organizations that have patronized us. They have been confessing the great effect of the e-mail addresses on the exposure and visibility of their brands, corporate images, products and services and also on their incomes. The organizations above can be contacted for confirmation. As we look forward to getting feedback from you, we assure you that you will have great value for your money.

08067876251, +2348067876251
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