“If I had known that ghostwriting business was as lucrative as this, owing to my excellent creative writing skill right from childhood, I would have started the business right from my university days. I would have become a billionaire.” ~ Dr. Supply Chain.

Tectono Ventures Limited, a registered firm in Nigeria, presents to you an opportunity to have an e-book called ‘How to rake in more than N200,000 monthly through ghostwriting’. Folks, have you heard about ghost-writing business and ghostwriters? A ghostwriter is a writer who writes books, articles, stories, reports, or other texts that are officially credited to another person in exchange for payment. Celebrities, executives, and political leaders who are not gifted with writing abilities or who too busy to write often hire ghost-writers to draft or edit books, autobiographies, magazine articles, or other written material. In music, ghostwriters are often used for writing songs and lyrics for popular music genres. Screenplay authors also use ghost-writers to either edit or rewrite their scripts in order to improve them, increasing their chances to be optioned or produced.

There are some reasons why you must place an order for this e-book:
·         You are a job seeker with excellent writing skills and you want to be making good money while searching for jobs.
·         You are working in an organization but not satisfied with your salary and you want to increase your streams of income.
·         You are a columnist or article writer in the national newspapers. Why don’t you do something more productive with your time, skill and energy like ghost-writing business that will add to your streams of income instead of spending your time in packaging write-ups that will only attract criticism?

The fact that you have continued to read this write-up is a graphical indication that God is about to bless you when you venture into ghostwriting business. Having worked in a consultancy and capacity building firm as a research and development executive opened my eyes on the amount of money a ghost-writer can rake in on a monthly basis. The chief executive officer of the organization has published nine good textbooks and many training manuals to his credit but he did not write any of them. What did he do? He engaged the services of a consultant ghost-writer who did researches and wrote all of them. One of my responsibilities as a research and development executive in the organization was to assist the ghost-writer in conducting researches and type-setting. You may be surprised to hear that none of the books took him up to six weeks to prepare and he was paid handsomely for each one. He got not less than N700,000 for each book. Then, I made up my mind to add ghostwriting to my sources of income owing to my writing skill.

An erstwhile columnist in one of the daily newspapers in Nigeria once shared with me how he raked in excess of 50 million naira through ghost-writing business. You must have heard from the media how different chief executives of banks, multinational companies; governors, ministers and heads of federal parastatals launched their books, right? Let me reveal to you that none of them wrote those books they launched. This is because some of them do not have writing skills and some of them do not have all the time to write books. They engaged the services of ghost-writers which can be you.

Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu also hires ghost-writers to package his weekly column in the last page of Saturday Sun Newspaper. Can you recall when the erstwhile governor of Enugu State, Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani, was traversing the nooks and crannies of Nigeria delivering lectures on different topics? He hired different ghost-writers who are professional in their fields of endeavour to package the lecture materials for him. Can you imagine a medical doctor presenting a paper on the petroleum geochemical analysis of Niger-Delta? When you get these ghost-writing projects, you will be grateful for placing an order for this e-book. The earlier you position yourself to attract ghost-writing contracts from all these chief executives, the better for you. This e-book explains how you will position yourself.

The e-book: ‘How to rake in more than N200,000 monthly through ghostwriting’ carries everything you need to know about how to become a successful ghost-writer, things you must do and thing you must not do. It was packaged be a team of established ghost-writing consultants including me. Take a look at the summarized table of content below:
1.     Write Books For Money: Become a Ghost Writer.
2.     Breaking Into the Lucrative Book Ghost Writing Business.
3.     How to Start and Grow a Ghost Writing Business.
4.     Seven Ways to Find Great-Paying Ghost Writing Jobs.
5.     Three Secrets to a Successful Book Ghost Writing Career.
6.     Eight Tremendous Benefits to Book Ghost Writing.
7.     How to do Ghost Writing Research.
8.     What to Charge.
9.     Seven Useful Tips to Ghost-write Books for Clients.
10.Negotiating a Ghost Writing Contract and Fees.
11.Seven Things You Must Never do on Ghost Writing Jobs.
12.Ghost Writing Ethics.
13.Secrets of the Man Who made N50 Million Writing Books for Other People.

As a fringe benefit, another beauty of placing an order for this e-book is that you will be sent another 71 page e-book entitled “The ABC of Entrepreneurship” which covers everything you need to know about how to be a wealthy entrepreneur.
The two e-books, ‘How to rake in more than N200,000 monthly through ghostwriting’ and ‘The ABC of Entrepreneurship’ are in Microsoft word documents and cost only N1,000.

To place an order for it, pay the sum of N1,000 into the bank account below:
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0136870505
BANK:                          GUARANTY TRUST BANK (GTBANK)
SORT CODE:              058152683

Thereafter, text the deposit teller number, your active e-mail address, the name you used in making the deposit and the name of the e-book to: 08067876251. Upon confirmation of payment, the e-books, ‘How to rake in more than N200,000 monthly through ghostwriting’ and ‘The ABC of Entrepreneurship’ will, immediately, be sent, as Microsoft word documents, to your e-mail inbox.

The advantage here is that it will remain in your inbox forever no matter where you travel to. Once you have an access to the internet, you can access it anywhere. You can either study it on your laptop or print it. As soon as you get it, you can make it your cash-cow by placing many adverts like I have been doing and reselling it at any price of your choice to thousands of people. Can’t you see that making money is not as difficult as you think? You too can rake in staggering amounts of money through ghost-writing. As I look forward to hearing from you, I assure you that you will have great value for your money.

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