Tuesday, 9 June 2020


The shrubs produce fruits twice per year and remain vegetative for a minimum of 4 years and maximum of 7 years, dependent on the variety you opted for.

Hmmm!!! Folks, let us say the truth and shame the devil. Many Nigerian non-oil products exporters have been defrauded of huge amount of money in the process of exporting agricultural commodities and solid minerals to foreign countries. Do you know why? They were not trained on export operations, management, documentations and the best methods of payment in export trade. This is terrible!!! Nigerians cannot continue to lose money to foreigners in the course of export business. Exporters, would you like to keep on being scammed? Why don’t you get a practical manual that explains the stages of export trade from processing and packaging of commodities to receipt of payment by the foreign buyers? It explains export operations, export management, export documentations and methods of payment in export trade? Yes, it is a contemporary step-by-step guide to export trade. It tells all the contemporary dynamics in export trade. To get it, click on this link: http://www.tectono-business.com/2016/02/contemporary-step-by-step-guide-to.html

Your farm gives you 8 or 14 rounds of harvests before it withers and regenerates. You break even on the 3rd harvest.

We off take your produce. But you will be better off, adding value to your produce, while you sell at fortune. Be at rest because your castor plant is free from goats and cattle owing to the fact that the leaves are poisonous to grazing or browsing animals.

Do you know that you will minimize the amount of money you spend on food items when we deliver the foods items to you in bulk at reduced price from our farms? For details, click: http://www.tectono-business.com/2020/02/fresh-food-items-supply.html

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