Thursday, 11 June 2020


Chief Anayo nwosu
Chief Anayo Nwosu

Were you not the person that gave him a false start in life? You swore that none of your children will ever suffer while you were still alive. You robbed your son the opportunities to experience difficulties.

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You met all his needs and wants at his beck and call and he never heard a "no" from you. You would harass your spouse to submission until the money is made available to finance your boy's wants. You were bragging to friends and relations that your son would attend high fees paying schools not necessarily for academics but to mix up with his likes- the children of the rich.

You once sacked a house help for scolding your child. How dare she do that? What did she know? Who were her parents? The child is now a man with no sense of industry but an expert in enjoyment, a dude, ladies' man and a power dresser. He believes that his needs must be taken care of by his parents, wife or his siblings. He has become a perpetual dependent.

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A male child needs special training. He must learn to believe in and practice the culture of hard work. He should be told that his present comfort is a tenancy not a possession. A male child should be made to visit a motherless babies' home often to understand how unfair life is. Get him to do vacation jobs to learn the dignity in labour. If you handle him well, he will them appreciate why he is lucky.

Do not arrange exam success for your son as he will grow to see cheating as a way of life. Let him repeat an exam if he fails and should study the course he can pass. Teach your little son that the sole purpose of a man is to work so hard to take care of his wife, children and aged parents. Let him know that he will not make heaven if he ignores the poor and the needy. Get your son today to read biographies of self-made great men.

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If you are rich and bring him up well, your wealth shall be his foundation for greatness otherwise he will scatter with shovel what you had gathered with a rake.

Good luck!

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