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beyonce lion spirit

When we say the spirit of things we mean the spiritual power or energy at work in an object. Spirit is the great power behind every object. This energy is seen differently in science and Metaphysics-spirituality. This energy radiating as vibration and can be understood by science from the point of elemental configuration. But in metaphysics, it can be understood from its symbolic representations. Thus everything- stone, plant, water, door, key etc, contains this spirit vibration to the extent that they manifest the nature of the spirit in them through what they do. This spirit energy is the power behind the forces of adhesion and cohesion or attraction or repulsion. It is this spirit energy and its vibrations which cause things to have different manifestations. Therefore things exist only because of the spirit.


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Thus the spirit of the key is locking. The spirit of the door is passage. The spirit of water is solvency, that of fire is lightning or transmutation. The spirit of air is life, or knowledge and that of earth is stability or germination. The spirit of the stones under the water is the immovable power. That of snail shell is hibernation. That of the egg is as the source of or beginning of a thing. That of the cross road is gathering or confusion. The circle is enclosure. That of the flood is mysterious haulage. That of calabash on the water is Victory. That of plantain tree of regeneration and coolant. Everything has its spirit by which it transfers vibratory energy into the invisible. You name it.


This symbolic vibratory energy is central to spiritual transmission in any settings, be it traditional or western. The subconscious mind is aware of its meaning, and that's what it understands than the word. And by the way, the power in the word is the image of the spirit in it. The spirit in the oil is first and foremost that of attraction be it olive or palm oil. But if it is to act as repulsive then you add another spirit into it that is repulsive. The spirit of the perfume is attraction but you can disallow evil from its sweetness by a decree.


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Dramatization is an image of event, there is spirit in it. When one ritually dramatizes a situation, such scenario is recorded on the spiritual plane. The "Word" can be a spoken word or an image. The words we speak and the images that once belong to us are consciousness with creative forces. The symbol is connected to its soul. See this scenario:

Stephen and Lucy were to be married. But she met someone else who she thinks has more money and moved away, leaving Stephen crushed in spirit, wallowing in despair. Then he remembered his metaphysics and that the lady left one of her clothes. So he took the cloth in his car and placed it on the side sit when he is going to work. He placed it in his bed by his side when he went to sleep. He talked to the cloth occasionally, caressed them and one day visualized holding her in that cloth. In few weeks, she called telling him that she was sorry and that she was coming back if he didn’t mind.


Every symbolic representation has consciousness energy awaiting to be awakened by human consciousness. It is a decree that they must obey according to many spiritual statues. The Torah says of it: and God breath into a dust mold of man the breath of life and that dust mold of man became a living soul. Upon this man can transfer this living breath under a guided ritual into other things and those things will act accordingly. Thus the first thing is to locate the spirit of the force you want to manipulate. Make a mold of the image you want to manipulate. Find out its natural referential. The second is to dramatize around it a likelihood of a characteristic of the condition you seek to bring to manifest. Pronto!, that is it.


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How can we ritually dramatize the spirit of the stone under the water so as to be immoveable from a position held in an office or to protect one's job? A small stone or pebble is picked from the river, and a coconut is brought along. A ritual prayer is incanted over the stone and the coconut, specifying that the person cannot be removed from his seat of office except to a higher office. Any attempted mischief on this seat while I remain on it let the person face the judgment of the terrors of darkness, for nobody lifts the earth. You then place the stone in the coconut and place it on the shelf. Where you did not use coconut, you hid the stone somewhere in the office. Warning: if anyone mischievously removes the stone, the person will be removed from his place of comfort and die within three months.


What is the incantation prayer? By the sign of the pentagram I banish every negative spirit to this work. By the sign of the Hexagram, I declare Sabbath in all planes at this moment. By the sign of cross, let there be light for me. It is written: and it came to pass, when the Holy One, blessed be He, was about to create the world, the letters jotled for a position in creation. Since the Holy One has declared by Words shall things be created like as this condition I seek to create. Upon this, the letter Mem came and said: O Lord, may it please thee to form the world by me since I represent Melekh (King) which is thy title. And Lord said, yes the world needs a king therefore remain on your seat. Lamed and Caph descended from their throne of glory asking the Holy One to start with them and immediately 2000 worlds began to shake, and tremble because they represent his Honour. The Holy One thereby decree that Mem, Lamed and Kaph form MELEKH to rule as king. By this do I decree in the sign of Mem, Lamed and Kaph, spirits of this stone adore your creator. O invisible King, who taking the earth for foundation, and hollow it depths with thy almighty powers. By the stones of thy Holy City, establish me immovable except to a higher throne. Live, reign and be thou the dispenser of the Treasures which you have made me the Warden on this throne. I therefore decree whosoever mischievously want to tamper with this decree may such entity face the Terrors of darkness. (Meditate on Mem, Lamed, Kaph and Speak again over the stone and breath out totally over it). By the sign of the cross, under the authority of the King of Earth: ADONAI MELEKH Amen.

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