Tuesday, 23 August 2016


We are aware of what you want to do with your proposed phony Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO). Oh, do you think that we do not know? We assure you that we will go out of our way to stop you. Yes, we will deploy our media arsenal to ensure that no corporate body or individual falls victim. You cannot even successfully run a business in a kiosk, let alone running an NGO. We know your plan.

You flaunt being a GMD (Group Managing Director) to everybody. It is not a rocket science. We all know what you did. You registered three phony, fictitious and non-functional companies and after a year, your provided documents to the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) to show that the companies had run for a year and requested to register a Group of Companies. Owing to the fact that you own them, you automatically became the Group Managing Director. You later registered two more companies, making it five.

It is obvious that the companies never ran for once, let alone a year. So, anybody can be a GMD. It will be the highest order of stupidity and foolishness for us to register three non-functional companies just to have a Group of Companies. The one we have at the moment is enough for us. We will incorporate more companies when the need arises.

Let us ask you this question. Do you presently have any employee as a GMD? You do not have any! Is the flashy office you foolishly rented and furnished with all the money you borrowed not always locked? GMD my foot!!!