Monday, 29 August 2016


Yes, we have analyzed the last edition of the magazine published by your phony publishing company and must confess that it is nothing but an archetype, paradigm, epitome and personification of acute mediocrity. What sort of nonsense is that? How could you bring out that poorly written and prepared magazine for the public? You did not hire any good editor, writer, reporter or even freelance writers. We also read the article you wrote entitled: ‘Me and my mentor’. In that article, you decimated English language like a motor-park tout. You cannot even express yourself in correct English. What is your qualification?

You claim that you studied Economics at the University of Ibadan. You also claim that you studied Educational Management. Which one do we believe? This is quite embarrassing. We cannot understand why someone who claims to have passed through the four walls of a university could commit those grammatical blunders in that poor article. We investigated and found out that you did not graduate from any university. If you think that we are lying, produce a genuine university certificate of your, not the one you counterfeited.

What about the millions of naira you said that the magazine will generate via adverts and advertorials by multinational companies? This is very laughable. Let me ask you this: Why were all the copies of the last edition of the magazine given out free of charge? None was sold. Even the people that got the magazines free of charge did not find them either informative or educative to read. It is because no educated person can read it, let alone buy or place adverts or advertorials on it. We learnt, a very long time ago, that human beings do not buy any product or service. Rather, they buy values. They give out money in exchange for certain values they need or want. This is a truism. Your magazine is valueless. Therefore, nobody can buy it. So, did you rush into magazine publication without adequate preparation just because Dr. Jimoh Ibrahim is a publisher?

Imagine the Chairman of Zenith Bank Plc, Jim Ovia, sighting that poorly prepared magazine on his table on a Monday morning when he is used to magazines like Harvard Business Review, Euromoney, The Economist and Oxford Business Group. He will just fling it into his waste-bin. You claim that Dr. Jimoh Ibrahim is your mentor and you have been closely studying him and attending his lectures for over eight years now. We are yet to see what you have learnt from him.