Saturday, 20 August 2016


As part of its promise in helping to develop its customers with the culture of savings and also to continue to keep smiles on their faces in the midst of biting economic situation in the country, Fidelity Bank Plc unveiled its sixth promo tagged ‘Get Alert in Million Savings Promo” a few days ago, Tectono Business Review reports.

While speaking at its Get Alert in Millions press conference in Lagos, the bank’s Deputy  Managing director, Mr. Mohammed Balarabe, made it clear that it was the sixth in the series of promos by  Fidelity Bank to promote the savings culture.

The promo is expected to run for nine months and is aimed at helping people imbibe the culture of saving, self cash boost and more importantly for economic development despite the current economic situation.

He said: “This is the sixth promo that we are holding and it is going to last for nine months. We have had previous promos and all have been successful and when I say successful, I don’t mean that we have met the expectations of savings account, but we have got more and more people and also still in the process of getting more people to develop the culture of saving. Last year, we had Save for Shelter Promo, where we gave out some houses as well as cash.”

The Fidelity Bank’s Deputy Managing Director further said that the promo was initiated to give its customers a boost in their savings as he also implored the customers and prospective ones without an account with the bank to participate to win instant prizes.

In his own words: “This particular time, we are rolling out the Get Alert In Millions Promo at a time when the economy is tight and where cash is king. The whole idea is for people to participate in it and get a major cash boost and we are imploring our customers and those who are not our customers to save for economic development and for themselves but more importantly save to ensure that they qualify for the prizes to be won.”

In hhis own speech, the Retail Banking and Information Office of Fidelity Bank Plc, Mr. Obaro Odeghe, listed the criteria for participating in the promo including  the star prize of N5 million and that the bank would give out over N105 million cash gifts.