Friday, 27 January 2017


president general ohane eze ndigbo
Chief Nnia Nwodo
An Anambra political juggernaut and real estate development colossus, Senator (Chief) Annie Okonkwo has applauded Chief Nnia Nwodo, the new President General of Ohaneze Ndigbo as the desired talisman to return our people as champions in the league of Ethnic Nationalities advocacy and representations in Nigeria.

Speaking through a release by Collins Steve Ugwu,  Senator Okonkwo said, "It's clear to me and many, that given our new President's regalia of references,  this mandate is not about another feather to his cap, but a deep challenge to inspire and weave, a formidable nest of inclusion, respite and esteem for Ndigbo in their fatherland, and elsewhere globally.

“I am as encouraged as everyone should be, that we must end this fetish of agonies, and exit the imposed relegation as 'tolerated lamenters', because when the omen is bright, the harvest is right. With support and sacrifice from all, the cherry is ripe for the picking.”

The lead campaigner for a development paradigm shift by Ndigbos to 'invest home', stressed that the crying circumstances of our present must sting everyone to queue behind our new leaders, as they lead from the front to provoke the solidarity we need, and   build the cohesion we desire by consensus and firm purpose.

“I therefore passionately urge all Igbo men and women to engage the gear of action now, so that we can detoxify our social space and halt our values slide, for a radical rebirth in integrity and character, a flourish we once shared as norm and known to export," the  senator pleaded.

“As I wish our team leaders early goals and quick wins, I challenge all our governors to please spare them the yoke of partisanship even as they support and work together for the bigger cake they must bake and preserve,” the President of Topwide Group concluded.