Thursday, 19 October 2017


This diabolic semi-illiterate CEO of a fictitious auto care centre in Mushin area of Lagos, your wife is someone who can be best described as a taciturn mug. She is grossly daft. She works in your phony organization and she seems not to know that you have slept with virtually all her female colleagues to renew your juju.

Obviously, you are suffering from inferiority complex. Why must it be your female workers that you always blackmail into opening legs for you? You are a blatant emasculated man. What stops you from going out there to toast ladies? You do not want to receive embarrassment from them. Right?

Truly, you have looked at yourself from head to toe and discovered that there is nothing in you that is attractive to any lady. Is it your appearance? You always look and behave like a confused monkey. You cannot even dress well. The foul odour that oozes out of your pair of shoes attracts houseflies. What about your level of education and intelligence? We gathered that you came over to Lagos, all the way from that bush place where intellectually retarded people are easily found called Ebonyi State, to serve your master at a very young age. Sequel to that, you did not go to school. That is why you cannot write or speak good English. The way you decimate English language can make intellectuals like Professor Pat Utomi go deaf. Which lady in her right senses can go with a married man who neither writes nor speaks good English?

Is it your net worth that is anything to write home about? You have been going about telling people that you bought the building housing the operations of your fake auto care centre. After our investigations, we discovered that you rented the said property from a certain law firm who increases the rent on a yearly basis. With the juju you rely on to draw customers for you, you cannot still pay your workers their salaries. You still owe arrears of tax. In fact, you find it very difficult to pay your bills. So, why will any sensible lady go with someone like you? That is why you do not have any option but to be blackmailing your poor female workers into opening legs for you, and you have a wife who works in the same organization. You are a shameless bastard!!!