Saturday, 14 October 2017


Folks, this is terrible!!! An organization that calls itself an auto care centre and one-stop shop for amalgamated auto services sell expired tyres to unsuspecting customers. This may sound incredible but it is a reality. This was made known to Tectono Business Review by an erstwhile auto-mechanics of the organization, who was trained in technical institute in Ghana.

According the auto-mechanic, the CEO of the counterfeit auto care centre, who is a diabolic semi-illiterate, buys expired tyres, changes the manufacturers’ manufacturing and expiry dates, repackages them and sells to unwary customers.

He said: “My former boss is a fake man. His company and products are also fake. Imagine a man who claims that his company is one of the biggest importers of tyre in Lagos but what he does is to buy very cheap expired tyres from local markets, change the manufacturing date and sell to customers. That is why it is very difficult for his customers to come back again after doing business with him. Why will they come back when they have discovered that he is fraudulent? It is not everybody that his juju can affect. He also claims that he imports fairly used auto spare parts but what he does is this: when a customer places an order for a spare part, he goes to Ladipo market to bring it and adds his own profit to the price. When the customer pays him, he pays his friend at Lapido market. The worst thing is that those spare parts he resells do not last.”

Hmmm!!! There is a saying that if you cheat me once, shame unto you but if cheat me twice, shame unto me. That diabolic semi-illiterate CEO, who sleeps with his female workers to collect their destinies, does not know this. He believes that his juju can keep bringing gullible customers to buy fake products from him.

The same semi-illiterate CEO, who came to Lagos to serve his master that eventually settled him, is aiming at making his organization a multinational one. He has started it by bringing in an international business consulting firm to help him get a foreign automobile corporation he will represent in Nigeria. He does not know that no organization has ever become a multinational one by selling fake products and rendering unsatisfactory services. Unfortunately, he cannot read. Tectono Business Review would have advised him to do a research on how multinational corporations got to where they are today. None of them was fraudulent. The same stupid man devises every gambit to defraud his workers of their salaries.