Sunday, 11 February 2018


Esv. Gerry Ikputu
Let us, at Tectono Business Review, use this medium to congratulate Esv. Gerry Ikputu (FNIVS) on his investiture as a Fellow of the Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors & Valuers (NIESV) at a young age. We also felicitate with the entire management of Gerry Ikputu & Partners for the feat attained by their principal partner. It is obvious that virtually all billionaire real estate investors in Nigeria prefer patronizing firms of estate surveyors and valuers that parade partners that have gotten to the pinnacles of their profession. Very soon, Oga Gerry will be singing: ‘50billion for account.’ We also congratulate Gerry Ikputu’s wife, Arc. Mrs. Uwasa Gerry-Ikputu, for the role she played in the success of her husband. Behind every successful man, there must be a very loyal, submissive, dedicated, cooperative, prayerful, intelligent and hardworking wife. Yes, choice of a wife is a very influential factor in the success or failure of a man.

A lot of people have been wondering how a firm of Estate Surveyors & Valuers incorporated by Gerry Ikputu just a few years has grown exponentially with offices in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Bayelsa. We, at Tectono Business Review, have always told them that whoever God has blessed must be the king and pacesetter. No matter what happens he must remain the king. Once God has a hand in your business, the sky is your starting point. Yes, God took over the professional practice of Gerry Ikputu some years back and we can see the impacts.

The question now is how we will invite God into our businesses. Let us share with you how Gerry and Uwasa Ikputu succeeded. They wedded in the year 2000 and the day after their wedding, they decided to sow all the money they received from the wedding as a seed. Folks, can you do this. “From then on, God has not stopped surprising us financially beyond our expectations,” Uwasa said. In the year 2006, Gerry and his wife saved up quite a reasonable amount of money to enable them buy a piece of land in Port Harcourt city where they would develop and live. The same year, God ministered to them to invest the entire money in the building project of their church and they obeyed.

“Precisely six months after, the Lord blessed us with two plots of land in Ozuoba, close to Choba town in Port Harcourt. God himself caused an increase in our businesses and made the money to pay for the land come without struggle,” Uwasa said.

Folks, in the year 2007, Uwasa joined a multinational oil firm. The same year, she and her husband, Gerry, deceided to start constructing their residential house with the little money they had.

She said: “Surprisingly, as we started, the Lord began, in His usual manner, to bless the works of our hands such that without stress, we completed the building in exactly six months without borrowing or owing anyone who worked or supplied materials. The lord did not only bless us in building the four-bedroom bungalow, He also made the resources available within the six months for the house to be beautifully furnished such that we basically left our former two-bedroom apartment in May, 2008 with just our cloths and had to call in people we felt might need what we had in the house to come and pick up whatever they needed.

“Some people came with trucks and picked various items and before evening, our former apartment was empty with many families being blessed with our various items to our joy. Indeed, God has not stopped blessing us with landed properties in and outside Port Harcourt.”

So, why will Esv. Gerry Ikputu not go places? We were not surprised when we got to know that his firm has offices in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcout and Bayelsa with deals all over the country. You may be surprised to hear that his best is yet to come. His firm will soon be the most sought after estate surveying firm in Africa. May the God of Gerry Ikputu be our God. Where are young men out there looking forward to getting married? Look for ladies like Uwasa Gerry-Ikputu. Do not marry based on physical beauty. Look for good content instead of good outer package.
May the blessings be!!!

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