Tuesday, 9 February 2016


Oluwaseni Oladipo Sholanke
Oluwaseni Oladipo Sholanke is an Apple certified Technician, Certified Geek, CEO of FiXiT Technology Limited and businessman. He is responsible for providing services to users of Apple products in Nigeria. He studied Computer Engineering at a UK university; after which, he worked for Toshiba in 2009. Ever since, his preoccupation is providing world class Apple products service in Nigeria and to Nigerians, which led to the incorporation of Fixit Technology Limited in 2012.

Prior to Fixit Technology, he was the technical support adviser at Toshiba, where he worked for three and a half years. There, he worked in the first line support team, undertaking problem diagnostics and resolution. He delivered high quality technical advice and network and PC support for 90+ end users and also provided support via email and telephone to Toshiba customers. He also attended to and resolved technical complaints.

He worked as Network Engineer at Zinox Telecoms, where he provided login issues, including password creation/reset and remote logins, as well as maintaining network security. Reducing down time by monitoring sites Internet service was also undertaken by him, while ensuring that sites with faults are detected and resolved as quickly as possible.

“I was responsible for ensuring that all computers in the company run at optimum performance and other tasks such as software installations, hardware set-up and configuration,” he explained.

He later worked as a Network Engineer for Century Technologies Limited where he was responsible for installing all new hardware, systems, and software for networks. Seni said his love for Apple computers is in its simplicity, user-friendly features, durability and premium feel. This invariably informed his choice of business.

“My choice of business was informed by the non-availability of affordable Apple Service Providers in Nigeria and particularly in Lagos State,” he said.

Like other business owners, he acknowledged that doing business in Nigeria comes with lots of challenges and is generally not easy. Hence, the road so far has not been easy.

“However, we are where we are because of our doggedness and commitment to our vision of providing affordable service for users of Apple products”, he said.

As a business concern, the company’s unique selling propositions are customer satisfaction and affordability. Their strength lies in the customer’s rating, which has so far been excellent. Hence, they can proudly proclaim that their business has positively impacted on the country’s GDP and general economic growth.

On how Nigerians can deal with the problem of fake computer parts, he advised that they could deal with the problem by simply patronising only service providers with integrity, experience and positive customer ratings.

“As an organisation, our strength lies in repair, building and rebuilding computer parts and accessories. Hence, in running the business, we have learnt to be independent and hardworking in order to achieve our goals and aspirations. And this is what defines who we are. It also sets us apart from other competitors among others,” he said.

On why most businesses prefer Apple personal computers, the astute engineer and businessman said, “Using Apple gives a joyful buying experience and after sales care, very high quality, premium materials and components, and generally great customer service, when an error does arise. It also has excellent track pad. It is great to look at, aesthetically pleasing with top-notch display panels, better battery life, surface level simplicity with back-end oomph, good end-to-end device ecosystem with brain-dead sharing and syncing, and its home content creation is excellent. These are some of the reasons people really like the Apple PCs. It is entirely possible to get a PC with many of these same features, but Apple has done a wonderful job of wrapping the whole thing up that, from buying to burying, keeps people happy.”

According to him, while it is true that PCs theoretically allow you to upgrade components to extend the life of your computer, but in reality, this turns out to be a possible yet unpractical thing to do. This is due to the fact that by the time your computer begins to become long in the tooth, PC component technology would have continued to march forward by leaps and bounds, requiring you to do wholesale replacement of virtually all components at the same time.

He said having an Apple computer is a big deal, considering the fact that having such a computer on top of a desk comes with a happier, more pleasant, more natural, and less disruptive experience than having any other PC. Given that an Apple computer makes it a priority to refine user’s experience, with regards to both the design of its software and hardware.

“Without getting into too much detail, Apple lowers the barriers between the user and the machine, so that you think less, if at all, about how to engage the machine, and more about what it is you want to get accomplished using it. These include the Magic Mouse and Track pad, IPS screens, the use of gestures, and minimising wires and wire management.

“Facts show that the products are head and shoulders above all other competitors. It is true that they are very expensive and not for everybody, except those who can pay for quality and security at the best price. Hence, Apple does not compete in the bargain basement. If you want a laptop with which you can grow, try out a Mac,” he said.

Apple computers do live up to the hype. On security, he explained one of the most interesting things about Apple is that the computers are considered as one of the most secure operating systems available.

“This is something most people don’t realise, when buying an apple product. Yes, it could be expensive, but there is much more to the hardware that allows for a perfect blend of software that really allow for Macs to do a lot more. It is worth the money, if for nothing else other than the lack of worms and viruses. And those who know Apple will testify that they are a joy to use and this really makes a whole lot of difference”, he added.

He advised that if government is serious about empowering young Nigerians and developing entrepreneurial spirit in them, it should take more practical steps to harness their talents and skills.

“Government can also make credit facility readily available and affordable to middle level entrepreneurs. This would help to boost the nation’s GDP and increase foreign exchange,” he explained.

Sholanke loves to bring out the best in people. He said mentoring is an essential tool in running a successful business.

“My role models, as far as the computer world is concerned, are Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Steve Wozniak. Mentoring is key in any business endeavour. Accordingly, our company and at regular intervals, organises training programmes reasonably priced to train and mentor youths in this field,” he said.

He advocates that the first line of nation building is qualitative education for the nation’s youths, which once laid, is a solid structure to build and develop on.

“And my recipe for success is hard work, resilience, and focus. Young people that desire to actualise their lives’ dreams must recognise that hard work will make a way for them,” he said. (Guardian)