Tuesday, 2 February 2016


Forensic Science Consultants (FSC) is Nigeria’s Centre of Forensic Excellence accredited by the Association of Forensic Science & Expert Witness, Nigeria.

Do you require Forensic Services that are reliable, prompt and affordable? We offer services to individuals, government or private sector organization. Kindly contact us for:

Forensic Document Examination
·        Fraudulent Wills and Forged Documents.
·        Signature Identification, Handwriting analysis and Contract agreements.
·        Counterfeit and fake voters cards, certificate of occupancy.
·        Forged Bank cheques, printed documents and currency, receipts and invoices.
·        Authentication of VISA and immigration documents.
·        Credit card, identification card, license and travel documents verification.
·        Academic certificates, transcripts, results, birth and death certificates.

Forensic Expert Services
·        Forensic evidence, legal advisory and expert witness services.
·        Forensic crime scene investigation services, serious crime investigation.
·        Forensic fingerprint analysis and forensic DNA analysis.
·        Computer forensic examination and mobile forensic examination.
·        Forensic accounting and fraud investigation.
·        Forensic education for prosecutors, lawyers and law enforcement agents.
·        Forensic training for individuals, security and IT professionals.
·        Forensic collaborations on training with universities, judiciaries and regulators.

Contact our team of United Kingdom trained experts
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Tel: 0700-999-9999, 07036341126