Friday, 12 February 2016


Fortunes Fundamentals is Nigeria’s first dedicated financial network marketing hub where people spend together, thereby making it possible for many to afford what they ordinarily couldn’t individually.

What is more? Spending together does not only avail you competitive deals, you also earn monthly commission as you grow a team of subscribers under you. Therefore, when you register, you get your subscriber card and 6 others to enroll new subscribers. That way, you will never be alone again, whatever your needs!

·        Travel-Now-Pay-Later with TOUCHDOWN Travel Limited.
·        Buy-Now-Pay-Later (Car, Inverter, Furniture, Electronics, etc)

·        Graduates with support from C.L.E.A.Network, a faith-based organization, access up to N5million to start and grow your business. Need more? Then KAJOLA, our unique mutual-funding platform is available! NO COLLATERALS!
·        Farmers, Artisans, Traders etc are also welcome to FATEmpowerment. NO COLLATERALS.

·        Exclusive access to excellent healthcare from Expatcare Health Limited in over 770 hospitals across the country. We add to that personalized fitness plan, 24/7 Doc-on-Call service and Drug-on-Discount at the pharmacy.
·        With support from relevant manufacturers and suppliers, our WaizMom assists pregnant women to prepare in advance to meet their expected babies’ needs.

·        With a reputable insurance firm as underwriter, subscribers have a wide number of policies to choose from – auto, home, accident, life etc.
·        What conventional insurance has no answer for, we have eNsured, because we care! Rent or school fees arrears? What friends spend together, there is help all round!

To join and leverage on our growing number and help-attitude, log on to: