Tuesday, 12 September 2017


meecheal excels ltd fake company
Hmmm!!! Wonders will never cease to happen. You claim to be an importer and vendor of motor spare parts. Right? There is a saying that goes like this: ‘Cheat me once, shame unto you; but cheat me twice, shame unto me.’ This is a truism. You can only cheat an intelligent person once.

This is what you do in your organization. When someone, who is foolish enough to come to you for spare parts, comes, you call the real spare parts dealers at ASPAMDA or Idumota market to get the price. If the customer foolishly decides to buy, you go to one of those markets and bring the spare part to him and add about N50,000 to the original price. Oh, do you think that we do not know?

That is the main reason why you find it very difficult to make sale. Once a prospective customer gets quote from one of your marketers, he or she runs to the markets where the real motor spare parts dealers are to buy. You call yourself a CEO of a corporate organization. What is your level of education? Do you have any managerial or leadership skill? Have you attended any business capacity building institution? Oh, do you think that those CEOs that spend a lot of money in enrolling for Chief Executive Programme (CEP) and Owner Manager Programme (OMP) in Lagos Business School, Harvard Business School and other business schools across the world are stupid? The days of illiterate CEOs are fast being phased out.

So, what should we call you? We can comfortably call you a fake motor spare part vendor that has a corporate office. What should we call your company? By application, your company is a fake company. Nigerians, take note of this!!!