Sunday, 17 September 2017


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A certain diabolic semi-illiterate CEO of an auto firm in Mushin area of Lagos shared with us, at Tectono Business Review, his intension of making his organization a multinational one. It was very laughable. He also promised to engage us to help him get foreign automobile companies that his organization could represent in Nigeria. He sounded very serious. We could see clearly his very poor level of education from his terrible spoken English and the way he comported himself throughout that day.

We decided to analyze his business before doing any business with him. We went round his rented premises and spoke to his workers. We practically saw anger and frustration written on the faces of virtually all of them, both mechanics and administrative staffs. Only few of them agreed to share with us what they pass through in the company on a daily basis.

“I have never seen this kind of company before. I have received a lot of shit here. No problem. By December, I will leave this fucking place. I am a chartered accountant and I have gotten all it takes to get a better job elsewhere. This is a company where no one gains anything from. Imagine, we work on public holidays, we work on Saturdays from 8:00am to 6:00pm and our oga cannot pay us complete salary. He prefers paying salary in piecemeal and he cannot pay the complete peanuts he agreed to pay us. If he employs you, he will not give you appointment letter so that you will not have anything to hold him with. If he pays you half of your salary in a month, you thank God. In this company, if you ask for loan to solve some financial problems, our oga will never give you. If you ask for leave, he will never grant you. So, there is nothing one can gain from working here and he keeps employing new workers every week. God will punish him and his useless company,” said the company’s accountant.

All the workers that spoke to us virtually said the same things against the company and the semi-illiterate CEO. A female marketer of the company told us that many workers, especially marketers, resign every months and that is why the company recruits every week. According to her, the company’s vacancy adverts are always on the pages of national newspapers and online. She added: “When the MD interviews you for a marketing position, he will agree with you on a basic salary that will be paid to you for transportation and phone calls and commissions on business brought in by you, but after about two weeks of resumption, the agreement will change. He will tell you that he will only pay you’re the basic salary if and only if you bring in business worth N500,000 in your first month. He will not tell you about the target of N500,000 during the interview. That is why he does not give appointment letters to workers. He is fraudulent. Many marketers have worked for two months without collecting salary just because they could not meet the N500,000 target. It is unfair. The marketers succeed in getting customers for the company but the MD pursues them away with exorbitant prices of products and services. Imaging someone charging more than N150,000 just for car painting and oven baking whereas some other companies better than his own charge about N70,000. Customers are not fools. It is not all of them that juju can affect. That man has been toying with university graduates. He did not go to school and that is why he does not value education. Many marketers have been coming and going.”

We also came in contact with an auto-mechanics trained in Government Technical School, Enugu, who used to work in that auto firm. According to him, the company owed him two months’ salary and he had no option but to leave. He made it clear to us that the company’s CEO would not defraud him of his two months’ salary and get away with it, adding that his erstwhile oga is diabolic. “He sleeps with his female workers all the time to use their destinies to renew his juju. I worked with him for excess of two years and I know him very well. One of those ladies called Chinwendu is getting old and no man has asked for her hand in marriage because she has given her destiny to her boss,” he said.

We began to wonder how this diabolic semi-illiterate would achieve his target of making his company a multinational one. Has he made enquiries about how multinational corporations started, how they succeeded in their countries of origin and how they started having presence in many nations? He cannot read; so, how do you expect him to get this information? How does this Precambrian CEO want to build his company to multinational status when the workers he has been defrauding of their arrears of salary are crying to God for vengeance? God stated it clearly that anybody who deny workers their wages is a murderer. He also stated that if anyone must engage the services of workers, he must not allow their sweats to dry up before paying them their wages. God did not say that workers should be paid in piecemeal. These are some of God’s principles and anyone who goes against them must fail. Ask the founders of multinational corporations across the world and they will tell you better. Workers are they key of any organization, not customers. When workers are happy, they transfer the happiness to customers who will tell other potential customers about the company’s good products and services. It is the blessing of the Lord that ushers in riches and adds no sorrow. These riches make companies multinational ones. So, any CEO that depends solely on juju to make his company a multinational one is just deceiving himself.

We also observed management and leadership lacuna in the organization. The company is not structured. The CEO has 90% of the company’s shareholding whereas his wife and relative have 5% each. This is a one-man business and it is almost impossible for this kind of company to become a multinational one. We gathered that a gateman who had no iota of management or leadership skills or training was magically promoted to general manager. One begins to wonder what this kind of person can manage with the mentality of a gateman. How will people working in the organization when he was a gateman now respect him as a general manager? This is a great administrative blunder that can be committed only by illiterate CEOs.

For a company to become a multinational one, emphasis must be laid on the quality of the management team. In addition to the management skills that the team members may have, the company should sponsor them to attend management training and master classes in good business schools. This is called capacity building of workers. A worker that has low capacity cannot perform magic. In this company, in addition to the diabolic CEO, other management team members are his taciturn wife, his poverty-stricken illiterate relative who failed woefully in his petty trade and decided to join his brother in his company and the general manager who was a gateman a few months ago. One begins to imagine the ideas these set of people can come up with make the company a multinational one. The funny thing here is that the capacities of these people cannot be built. Can illiterates attend management and leadership programmes in Lagos Business School?

We were informed that the semi-illiterate CEO is the one that goes home with the keys to the administrative offices in the organization. So, nobody goes into the offices until he comes to work. This is acute stupidity. He does not trust anybody. He finds it very difficult to delegate responsibilities to even his gateman general manager and other workers. He prefers to be the one negotiating deals with customers. How can his organization move forward when he cannot trust even members of his management team?